Dear Friends, Yes, astonishingly, it has been six years since Morgan’s remains were discovered on Anchorage Farm in Albemarle County. Gil and I want to thank each of you who has helped us  on this difficult journey. The unprecedented love, and support you have lavished on our family is truly humbling. Your kindness, compassion, and prayers have been imperative to our very survival. We are so very grateful. Much love and blessings to all. 241 Gil and Dan Harrington

Dan: Happy to report the recent review of the Virginia Tech-Carilion Medical School was a great success. Dan has decided to resume a limited patient practice in addition to his administrative duties and has begun seeing patients at Carilion Clinic. His willingness to reconnect with individual patients again indicates a remarkable degree of both healing and courage. Dan was chosen as the honoree for the 2013 Healing Arts Program – Carilion Clinic. He is busy with many areas of responsibility and yet still manages to keep afloat.

Gil: I am quite active with the Help Save The Next Girl Foundation. Our mission to promote education, victim/family outreach and legislation is ambitious and requires much of my time and attention here in Roanoke. I still derive great satisfaction form my work in wound care in Africa with OMNI, Orphan Medical Network International. Our 2013 OMNI medical team treated 4036! patients in Zambia during eight clinics this summer. The Morgan Harrington Educational Wing is full of healthy, motivated students who are poised to do great things in their country.

Alex: He is working hard and traveling a great deal in his position in NYC with Vogue. Alex has a remarkable breadth of both responsibility and creativity that serve him well professionally. I visit frequently and try and keep the fridge full and the laundry empty 🙂

Morgan: Still dead. So hard to believe that you were murdered, even after 4 years. How could someone hurt you, kill you? Just don’t get it. Such a waste. After 4 years, we have acclimated to our “new reality”, our triangulated family post you. Don’t like it one darn bit, but we are trying to make it work. Help us. Please.

Kirby: Lordy, Lordy. This is a dog that needs psychiatric care and probably drugs as well. He sleeps with us, on my pillow! Sweet and good as gold. But let the door bell chime and he becomes a snarling, ferocious, crazed wolverine and usually bites – me! We need a dog whisper, or perhaps a tazer. (He may actually just be reacting to the indignity I continue to subject him to. Once as a joke, I moussed Kirby’s hair up into a mohawk. Morgan thought it was hilarious. So I always tried to gel the pup’s hair-do before she came home from VT to make her laugh. Kirby thinks that this doggie hair-fashion legacy should be dropped immediately – go figure.

Dan – continues to work diligently to ensure quality patient care through the education at both Carilion Clinic and Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine. We are so happy to announce the first distribution of the Morgan Dana Harrington Medical Student Scholarship was awarded this year.

Gil – had the thrill of touring the completed Morgan Dana Harrington Education Wing at the OMNI compound in Ndola, Zambia during the July OMNI medical team trip to Africa. So fine to see classrooms and kids at desks learning because of you. Morgan you cannot travel, but your legacy of service and early education prevail regardless. Morgan you have created positive change in the world. Your life mattered.

Alex – is so busy, but managing to successfully juggle the challenge of international travel as well as the chaos of New York City in his hectic career in fashion with Vogue.

Morgan – three years out and your homicide remains unsolved – it is well nigh time for justice. The razor edge of loss still cuts. Most days we are able to move forward regardless.

Kirby – is just wiggy, beyond description or explanation. Kirby cycles beween aggression and sweetness in mere seconds. Face it, the dog has “issues” bue we cope and love him in spite of his many failings.

Dan: Our rock, continues to shoulder an unfathomable workload unflinchingly despite the crippling blow of Morgan’s murder. His strength and character have never been more apparent than during this nightmare.

Gil: Bustles around leaving order in her wake and attempts to shore up this fractured family. Hoping eventually to organize us into some semblance of wholeness. Gil will travel to Zambia in November to check in on the nearly completed structure of the Morgan Harrington Educational Wing at OMNI village.

Alex: Has been phenomenally successful professionally. We believe that his trajectory is fueled by, driven by, Morgan in some way. We are so very proud to watch him soar.

Morgan: Still dead, and the obscenity of her murder demands retribution.

Kirby: Remains deranged. He is only a quasi-domesticated creature. We are afraid that there is badger or wolverine somewhere in his bloodline. Morgan loved Kirby despite his many  flaws – as do we.

Dan, The VTC Medical school is up and running! It is an innovative and exciting venture to be part of. Morgan was thrilled to participate in some of the planning and infrastructure that culminated in bringing the first class of students to VTC in August.

Gil, Busy holding down the fort. Plans to travel Zambia to participate in the ceremony for the first graduation class at OMNI School as well as the dedication of the Morgan Harrington Educational Wing, a three classroom block that is currently under construction.

Alex, Has been home more frequently as we have needed him close to face the impact of this year long grieving together. Alex is finding a way to soldier on, but NYC is a tough town under best of circumstances and even harder when raw from contemplating the murder of a beloved.

Morgan, Still dead, still needs and demands justice, answers, atonement.

Kirby, Only nipped perhaps twice last week and barely broke the skin. Not totally reformed yet, still a work in progress. He is wiggy and unpredictable when awake but an Olympic class snuggler when sleeping. There is hope.

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Dan is eagerly awaiting the arrival of the first students at VTC Medical School in August 2010. This class is the culmination of years of planning as well as construction. (Morgan worked with Dan in the summer 2009 as an intern in the admissions program and was excited to be part of this ambitious program to educate caregivers.)

Gil recently returned from a medical mission to Zambia, Africa with OMNI. The team of 16 treated almost 4000 patients in the deep bush during the 2-week trip. (Morgan had often helped pack medical and orphan supplies and planned on traveling to Zambia with OMNI after graduation.)

Alex is surviving in NYC and finding work as a stylist/assistant. (He says he feels pressure to succeed because he will be known as “Morgan Harrington’s brother” and wants to live up to that.)

Kirby, I must confess is just a wiggy little dog. Nice to the family, but inclined to nip outsiders. Obedience class dropout. ( Morgan was just crazy in love with this pup. Spoiled him terribly, and it shows.)


The world has lost its best hugger. The incomparable Morgan Dana Harrington was torn from us on October 17, 2009.

Morgan, age 20, was a shiny, loving, beautiful original. She was very much loved by her family, her friends, and her community, which has now expanded to include much of the world.  We cherish the time we had with Morgan and are grateful for the breadth and variety of experiences we were able to share in her tragically abbreviated life.

Morgan was born on July 24, 1989 in Charlottesville, Virginia and killed there in October 2009.  She was an avid music fan, a champion of children’s rights, and planned a career in education.

To recognize some of Morgan’s passions we ask that, in lieu of flowers, gifts to honor Morgan’s memory be made to the Morgan Dana Harrington Memorial Scholarship at the Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine or to OMNI – Orphan Medical Network International, an organization that provides medical care in Africa.  Scholarship donations may be mailed to: Virginia Tech, Attn: Gift Accounting, University Development (0336), Blacksburg, VA  24061, and OMNI donations to 6930 Empire Lane, Roanoke, VA 24018.

Our reconfigured family, Dan, Gil and Alex plan on honoring Morgan with a Mass on February 5, 2010 at 3:30 PM at St. Andrews Catholic Church in Roanoke, Virginia followed by a reception to celebrate Morgan’s life at the Hotel Roanoke.

We are grief stricken by her death but also lifted by the knowledge that Morgan Dana Harrington was precious to so many and will not be forgotten.  She mattered, to us all.

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We sincerely thank DVS Artist Management for volunteering their time to organize yesterday’s benefit concert, which was held at the Hat Factory in Richmond in honor of our beloved daughter, Morgan. Morgan is a dedicated fan of rock music and we are deeply touched that the community came together to remember her in this way. We also thank those who attended the event and contributed to the Find Morgan Fund. It is your support that makes it possible for us to continue our search for Morgan each day in hopes of soon bringing her home safely.

Members of the Roanoke community and employees of the Carilion Clinic have organized a benefit basketball game and event, “Docs for Morgan to be held at Northside High School at 7:00 p.m. on February 1st. This event aims to increase awareness of Morgan’s disappearance, raise donations for the Find Morgan Fund, and offer support to the Harrington family. The Harrington family extends their appreciation to those who have generously come together to organize and participate in this event.

The past few weeks have been particularly trying for our family as we face the holiday season without our daughter, Morgan. It is the community’s continued outpouring of love and support that helps us endure this difficult time each day. We thank the members of the non-profit group, Forgotten Victims, and the many others who will help spread the word about Morgan’s disappearance by marching in upcoming holiday parades at Vinton, Salem, and Roanoke, Virginia. Your support has helped lift our spirits when we needed it most.

Event Details:

A group from the Forgotten Victims, a non-profit for which Morgan Harrington used to volunteer, has organized “Let’s Bring Morgan Home for X-Mas” floats (cars) as part of upcoming holiday parades in Virginia. The cars will showcase signage, fliers will be distributed, and children from the Forgotten Victims organization will carry a Find Morgan banner.

The Vinton Christmas Parade: Thursday, December 3, beginning at 7:00 p.m.

Salem Christmas Parade: Friday, Dec 4, beginning at 6:30 p.m.

City of Roanoke Annual Christmas Parade: Friday, Dec 11, beginning at 6:30 p.m.

  • Details are not yet available online

We’d like to extend our gratitude to those who attended the candle light vigils on Saturday, November 21st, in honor of our daughter, Morgan. Words cannot express how difficult the past five weeks have been for our family, but your ongoing support has profoundly helped us endure the difficulty. We also thank the countless people who have expressed their sympathies online and have helped advance our search by distributing information and flyers throughout their own communities. Your selfless efforts are deeply appreciated.

We want to thank the many wonderful people who volunteered their time and hard work this past weekend to help search for our beloved daughter, Morgan. An area of approximately 2,600 acres was searched by teams made up of the 1,667 total registered volunteers. Your selfless generosity and continuing support have touched our hearts during an unbearably difficult time.

We especially wish to thank the Laura Recovery Center, which organized the three-day search for Morgan, augmenting law enforcement’s search and investigative efforts. More importantly, the Laura Recovery Center trained community members to continue ongoing search efforts. While no new information has yet been discovered, we have gained some peace in knowing much ground was – and will continue to be – covered during the search.

Roanoke, VA., November 2, 2009 — We are deeply moved by the outpouring of support we’ve received since our daughter disappeared 16 days ago on October 17 from a concert in Charlottesville, VA.

At the request of friends and supporters, the Harrington family has established Find Morgan Fund to help in the search for our daughter. The Harrington family will donate any unused funds to charities that assist families of missing persons and causes that Morgan has been directly involved with, including Mental Heath America of Roanoke Valley and OMNI Orphan Medical Network International.

Contributions may be sent by mail to the following address:

Find Morgan Fund
P.O. Box 7588
Roanoke, VA 24019

Contributions may also be sent via Paypal through

We are truly grateful for your kindness and we thank you again for all your thoughts and prayers.

Roanoke, VA., October 29, 2009 — We sincerely thank the Virginia State Police Department, University of Virginia Police Department, members of Metallica, and the many people who have shown their support in this difficult time. We are doing everything in our power to bring Morgan home. We appreciate your prayers and ask that you continue to share any information you can with law enforcement so that we can find our daughter.

Please refer to as a resource for updates on Morgan’s investigation. Information can also be found on the Virginia State Police Department’s website at We encourage you to share your thoughts and questions with us directly at All media inquires may be directed to our new media hotline (202) 973-1330 for immediate assistance.

If you have any helpful information regarding our daughter’s whereabouts, please contact the Virginia State Police’s tip hotline at (434) 352-3467 or

We thank you again for your prayers and support.

Hello Everyone, Dr. Harrington and his wife Gil have asked that the following message be shared with everyone possible in order to express the hope and love they wish Morgan to experience.

The Harringtons have a special message of love they communicate with one another verbally, in notes, and even in signing (perhaps if you have traveled with Dan, you have noticed that this symbol is even on his luggage!) It goes like this:

• • (I love you too much)

• • • • (Forever)

• (And once more)

The Harrington’s believe that if we all think this through, pray/meditate and share it with others, that Morgan will experience the love, comfort and peace that comes from our efforts.

Tonight at the vigil at Northside High School in Roanoke, this symbol will be on t-shirts, and they are asking folks to display it on their cars and windows. Perhaps a group of folks will even get bumper stickers made as a way to keep the message out there.

Please share this information with everyone you can and remember the new tip line 434.352.3467 is still seeking any and all leads.

Thanks so much for keeping the Harrington’s in your thoughts and in your hearts – they are grateful.