Gil Harrington’s letter to Dan

On April - 16 - 2010

Dearest Dan,

I hate to leave you. I see how spent you are and the dread of loss that even this short separation brings. Please know that I choose to make this journey only after much deliberation and as painful as it is, I must go, for our patients and also for me.

In the natural order of things parent’s age, and children grow up, and parents die. This normal pattern was violated by the predator that killed Morgan. I would have traded places with her gladly. My life has been full and rich because of you and what we share. Morgan’s life had just begun and she was poised to fly so high and be something really special in the world.

I feel that it is imperative to negate some of the evil that killed Morgan and accomplish something in her honor. Caring for the poor in Zambia is the most direct way I can see to do this. I realize the sacrifice it takes for me to go on this journey, financial, emotional, and physical, but know it is mine to do. You remember how you say that my greatest strength is making chicken salad out of chicken shit; well this is attempting to do just that only with worse starting ingredients.

Thank you for letting me go even if you don’t understand. I love you more than words can say. This darkness has been your finest hour.




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  1. sam f says:

    I find myself being soooo sooo proud of all of your strength and determination to make a difference here. Even the smallest of efforts can make a difference, but sometimes life has it’s own plans. That’s very hard to accept. I find myself learning the same lesson. And I find that every time I visit your blog I learn a little more about myself, the realities of this world and what it can really do to many of us. I feel this strange connection to your family, which seems silly of me to say since you live half way across the country, and we’ve never spoken a word. But I find myself caring about you guys, and wanting to check in to see how life’s teating you. I had a broken family growing up like many people. I’m not very close to either of my parents, although I love them very much. But the strength and stability of your family makes me want to know you. I respect you both more than you could ever understand, and I strive to be like you someday. I strive to be the kind of loving parents you are, let alone the fact you are the type of people who know how to comfort and care for others in need, especially when you’re the ones in need. I’m learning that something as simple as a smile or thank you, or even the slightest compliment can really change a person’s day. With all the many characters we have here, you two shine like diamonds. You are the exact type of people I have been passionately saying this place needs more of. I just wanted you both to know i’m still trying to make a difference, for Morgan’s memory, for the greater good, for my own learning experience of who I am. I always knew I wanted to make a difference, and I just desperately need you to know that your family has changed my life, and furthermore, I believe you have begun my journey to all I hope to do and change. Thank you.

  2. Ann H Tearle says:

    I couldn’t have written it better. Sam has mirrored my same feelings. You are in our minds and hearts forever. We do not know each other except through Morgan’s loss…..I care for you dear folks more than you will ever know, and keep you in my prayers every day, you, Dan, Alex and Morgan. God Bless her and may her soul rest in peace. In prayers and love, Ann

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