Mourn no mo

For Mogo

You don’t stoppa

Being a girl’s papa

Just coz she’s dead

Get that outa your head

Your daddy chore

Has expanded more

No longer tending boo boo knee

Now you’re creating legacy

Of goodness

And kindness

And strength

For the world to see

While still parenting Alex and partnering me

Bless you for all the fathering you’ve done

For our precious daughter, our precious son

Your ability

And constancy

Continue to amaze

Even in these hardest days

That I never thought would be ours to live

We must still have more to give

I promise that we’ll find a way

To resurrect joy someday


 fathers day 2010


So because Morgan is unable to wish you Happy Fathers Day I will do it for both of us. I know this has been the hardest year of our lives.  We have all been dealt a blow that will forever change who we are and our family dynamic.  Throughout this entire experience you have been the rock upon which we have all built some sense of normalcy.

You have been husband, protector, banker :), sounding board, computer whiz, media commentator, lobbyist, doctor, and friend.  Look at all the hats that you have been forced to wear through this experience that are all an extension of FATHER.  You have allowed yourself to feel the grief of Morgan’s loss more than anyone and shown Mom and me that it is okay to let down your guard and feel this immeasurable pain.  You have been a model that in spite of or perhaps because of this aching that we all feel you can still face the world and work even harder, and do so with dignity and honor.

I want you to know that Morgan LOVED YOU more than anything. I remember Morgan coming up this summer and her raving about you after working at Carilion.  She was so proud of you and impressed by how vital you were to the company.  Morgan got to add this expereince to her understanding and respect for you that allowed her to appreciate you even more.  Morgan lived everyday of her life knowing that her poppa loved her and would do anything for her which is more than many people can say.    

She is in a better place now beyond pain and her love and spirit will continue to give you strength and help you through the difficulties left in her wake.  Even though she is gone you will always be a father of TWO children who you always did your best to understand and support.  Know that I am loving you now for the both of us and when you need the same support and understanding you have always given I am here.  

Happy Fathers Day 2010


Alex and  Morgan

5 Responses to “Gil Harrington’s Poem on Father’s Day and Alex and Morgan Harrington’s Letter to Dan Harrington on Father’s Day”

  1. Lisa says:

    Dan, you truly are a man of honor, I admire you so much. Morgan and Alex are blessed to have you for a father. If only all of us could have a father like you there would be less crime in this world.

  2. Michele says:

    This letter is beautiful, Alex. I do not know the Harrington family personally, but you all are in my daily prayers. Happy Father’s day to you Mr. Dan – it is evident your children love you very much.

  3. Laura says:

    Gil and Alex and especially you Dan this Father’s Day , I am not sure I have any words that could express how Sorry, Sad, Angry Discouraged, Outraged…. the list goes on and on as to words that would describe the feelings I feel when I read what you are all going through and having to experience in Morgan’s death. Yet, it gives me such hope for all of you when I read the words that you all write to one another as a family and the absolute feeling of love that you all have for each other. I sincerely hope that you feel the love and prayers that surround you daily.

  4. sister3 says:

    Wow. What grace, eloquence, compassion, and dignity you exhibit to one another.

  5. Tori says:

    Wow! Thanks for sharing your poem and letter…very touching to say the least. Morgan’s spirit will ALWAYS remain very much alive with all the positive energy and love that flows within your family.

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