Cyber Crime

Feeling the lash today

of those who tell us “go away”,

 Seems our story’s getting sort of stale

time to hear another tale.

 They enjoyed a vicarious thriller,

chatting about your vicious killer,

but now its old hat

so enough of that.

What I thought they came to see

was how to act with dignity

when life hits its fiercest blow,

but they want a trumped up reality show

with plots and yelling

drama most compelling.

Don’t they get that this is our life, that we live every day.

Wish I could make it go away.

Morgan you’re just as dead as you were before

pity it doesn’t interest any more

Sorry the story’s lost its cachet, but its a story we must tell

to put a killer in a cell.

So if you really want to give advise

and make snarky comments that aren’t nice

Fine, and welcome to the “game” its great.

Though the admission is pricey – its somebody’s fate.

Is it your son or your daughter you’ll throw on the plate?


5 Responses to “Gil Harrington’s thoughts for August 25th, 2010”

  1. Moonchime says:

    Dear Gil,

    My heart aches for you and for the loss of your precious daughter, Morgan.

    I wish that ALL people would be filled with compassion for you and your family. I’m so sorry that some people don’t seem to have the capacity to feel compassion anymore.

    Please know that for every one that is wishing that the Harrington family would just slink quietly away–there are 50 of us in ratio to that one, and we are holding steady with you. We will not stop our prayers and our love for you and your family–and for Morgan.

    We all want to see Morgan’s killer in that cell. We are not going away! We have grown to love your entire family. You are sharing your grief with us all. Grief is a harsh reality in our society and so many are frightened by the raw emotion that you have so freely shared.

    My prayers and heart are with you, Gil. I still care and I know first hand that many, many countless others do as well. We all want justice for Morgan!

    We stand with you and we will not go away!!

    With love, prayers, and hugs,~Moonchime

    2 4 1

  2. Michele says:

    I am a total stranger but think of Morgan often and what her murder has done to those she loved and those who love her. I am sorry if some idiot said something dreadfully insensitive – seems to be the world we live in. But, for every idiot there are many people who care about what happened to Morgan – I certainly care. She could have been my daughter, and I care!

  3. Leslie Hartman says:

    Dear Gil,

    I will never forget Morgan. Her memory has been etched into many of us who support and love your whole family. I don’t understand why some people deem it neccessary to tear others down for trying to solve a very heinous crime. Those “people” have no idea what your family is going through. Justice will be served! I support you as well as many others! I still remember when Katie Worsky disappeared back in 1982. I was 11 then. She and I would have gone to school together. I missed out on a potential friendship because of some disgusting creep! Katie was never found…and I’ve never forgotten. I will not forget your precious daughter Morgan! God bless you all!

  4. Penny says:

    Dear Gil,
    I have never met you, but I have a precious daughter myself – so I mourn with you for the joy of Morgan. I have not forgotten her. I pray daily for your family and for her killer to be found. I know it is not much, but please know there are people – some whom you may never meet face to face – but people that God has touched with your story. People who remember with you. Blessings to you this day.

  5. alexandra says:

    Dear Gil,
    I think about you every day. Morgan mattered. We will not rest until whoever did this to her is found and prosecuted.
    Many many people care about Morgan. We know how precious she was. We know what you’ve lost. You’ll always be Morgan’s mom. Forever.

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