Grisly Anniversary
When they brought your body back to me
There were just bones to see.
Didn’t look like my baby – Morgan D.
No golden hair, no sparkly eyes
Broken ribs – ugly surprise.
Disposable girl they all said
Skirts too short
Lips’re too red
Askin for it they all said
But what you asked for, screamed for, was mercy and release
Know you got no mercy, pray you found some peace
It’s so hard to do
This life with no you
Saw your friend at a local place
Saw the message on her face
That she’s moved on and we should too
But baby I’m not over the death of you
Gotta shake it off, pity’s no use
We’ve a job to do, still a killer on the loose
It’s another anniversary – not the kind you celebrate
But the kind you sorta hate
Even Hallmark passes here, I’ve looked hard
There’s no “Happy we found your daughter’s body” card
Morgan, I recon a reconing is due
Morgan, he’ll pay for killing you
And have to atone
For every scream – every moan
For each and every fractured bone


9 Responses to “Gil Harrington’s Thought on this Grisley Anniversary”

  1. tcaros says:

    I’ll not forget what happened to Morgan. I became interested when I first read the story about her not coming home from the concert. I was following it out of interest. I followed the dots on the maps and even developed some theories. I searched the sex offenders database and looked at alot of pictures. I’ve wanted to help solve it. Along the way I’ve read your words and you’ve shared your feelings in a way that I won’t forget what happened.

    I’ve done some research and tried to consider similar crimes, similar in that a murderer was not found right away. Before I read about Morgan’s murder I had been reading about the murder of Kathy Engle in Oklahoma. It was a murder of a 40 year old women, mother of two, that remained unsolved for 23 years. The cold case was solved by DNA evidence linking the murderer and putting him right there 23 years ago.

    She was abducted by two men, sexually assauted and murdered. Her body ws found in a remote field in Sayer Oklahoma. The man Kyle Eckhardt was convicted. They found that he was a drifter up and down the interstate, met up with another man and abducted this poor woman who was going to her car in the shopping mall. The other man died in a truck crash in Virginia. Both had criminal records.

    In my research of cases I read another case where a 30 year old man Todd Stewart was murdered in the early morning. His murder remained unsolved for 9 years until a 74 year-old man, dying from pancreatic cancer, decided to confess in his hospital bed. The victim’s mother finally found out that Todd was shot because this man pulled over in an act of road rage and shot him, leaving him to die in a parking lot. I thought how selfish this man was, and he only confessed to relieve his own guilt.

    There are common circumstances and there are cases that are solved. The motives seem to be depravity of the perpetrator and opportunity in sexually motivated murders and just bad timing with random or impulsive murders. Alot of bad things happen between 9 PM and 5 AM. Most early morning crimes are related to drinking and drugs taken during the late hours and early morning. The sexual assaults that take place at night are when a perpetrator is looking for a situation to commit the crime when most people/witnesses are not on the streets, but if spotted won’t draw too much attention as would crimes committed after midnight in the open.

    We all know that people who drink start after work around 6 PM. That’s why most problems, drunk driving or assualts occur between 9-11 PM and then again between 2-5 AM when the bars close. The alcohol attracts people with problems and affects judgement. Someone once told me that bars are places where people with problems go to start problems with other people.

    I’ve even thought about how the local establishments around where people are abducted come into play. Something a killer normally does, a place they would go, whether it is leaving his car and going on foot. This relates to the Fairfax assault where the victim was walked up upon. It’s possible this perpetrator parks nearby an then walks on foot. The person(s) who murdered Morgan likely were noticed, whether it was prior to the abduction or afterwards.

    Even in Todd Stewart’s case they had a witness who saw a pickup truck tailgating his car, though the person did not have the tags. In Kathy Engle’s case there was a witness who saw 2 men force her into her car at 7:50 PM. It had just turned dark.

    I think Morgan’s murder will be solved because of the DNA evidence. Something as quick as a cotton swab that will put that monster right back in that field and into a set of handcuffs. I know that won’t bring Morgan back and I’m truly sorry that it won’t.

  2. ann says:

    You are always in my prayers.

    A reckoning will come.

  3. tcaros says:

    I’ve been reading about an abduction in Alaska. An 18 year old female, Samantha Koenig, was forcibly kidnapped and has been missing two weeks. She was working at a coffee shop by herself.
    The cops there won’t release the darn video tape. We have a problem with video tapes in this country. Why do the police think they have some right to withhold that from the public.
    Half the time the police hold evidence which would help others find the killer. The police can be pretty dumb and lazy. I know that’s harsh, but someone has do something about the video tape situatoion.

  4. karen says:

    Mrs. Harrington,

    Have you considered using a psychic to find Morgan’s killer?
    If not, it might be worth a try since nothing else seems to be workig. There is a lady named Rose Kopp who is supposed to be very good. Time is running out. Morgan’s killer will kill again if not found.

  5. karen says:

    Here is a link that provides some info. on Rose Kopp and her work. It is worth looking at.

  6. tcaros says:

    As they look for Samantha Koenig it is amazing how the police are withholding information in that case. She’s been missing 4 weeks.
    I don’t think it helps when the police withhold information. They want to have something that only them and the killer know, well alright but is that worth the trail growing cold?
    I think in most cases if they immediately went public with everything it would lead to picking up the trail before it goes cold.
    Here’s the information in the Koenig case… “the suspected adbuctor was wearing a dark hoodie and possibly a hat.” We’ll that really narrows it down!
    They say we have more information, but they won’t release it.

  7. tcaros says:

    Has there been any news on Sean Horn the Albermle Police Officer charged with rape?
    The judge in that town was stifling the press reports.

    I wonder if we have criminals in that police department who cover up crimes in that area? There was another missing woman called Hattie Brown and then some other women along the highways like I29.

  8. marcia says:

    I too attended the Metallica concert and her death has bothered me ever since….you wonder if you came in contact with the person responsible….did you see her in the crowd of people….just how could something so terrible happen on such a fun night ? Whoever is responsible will answer….one way or the other…I can’t imagine your pain as I have a 23 year old daughter and know the love that comes with being a mother….I hope and pray that you get your justice that you so deserve . This poem had to be sooo hard to compose ….you and your family are in alot of peoples prayers….

  9. jcas says:

    Someone actually said she was asking for it because of a short skirt and red lipstick? How horrible! No one asks for what happened to your daughter! I’m sorry you had to hear something so horrendous about her, and I’m sorry for your loss.

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