Sufferin Stew – A recipe for Survival

Take a large portion of tough meat (you!) cut it to the bone

One bunch rough organic stuff

Cover with an ocean of sorrow

Add one lump faith

Bring to a hard boil

Let  simmer a long while, steeping in its own juices

Just a pinch of grace and everything softens and melds together

It’ll slide down real easy

Serve warm

It ain’t no roast, but it will sustain, nurture, bless

Please take your place, wait in line

Portions always plentiful and fine

No need to push or be loud

Lots of sufferin around to feed the crowd.


4 Responses to “Gil Harrington’s Thoughts from April 15, 2014”

  1. Gina Susek says:

    I lighted Morgan’s candle for Mother’s Day Weekend and still praying really, really hard for the Harrington family. Batteries lasting all week! A grim day today, but there is beauty in the green grass, the bunnies, squirrels , chipsters and birds in our yard and the beautiful new shrubbery we planted last year. Some survived the awful winter and some did not. We replaced the dead one’s with others. Not so for all of the lost, dead and missing. Nature can be so harsh and unforgiving. Can’t replace even one that is gone. As unique as a snowflake they were.

  2. Tbone says:

    Det. Lt. Joe Rader did not get justice. I still ask “where is the JPJ security footage?”

    There were cameras outside. Also, there were cameras at the local businesses and nearby dorm area where the T-shirt was found.

    Recall that there was a group of “basketball players” that were among the last to communicate.

    Could this have been a coverup? Did they protect someone’s identity?

    All seems very strange, what happened in that southern Virginia town.

  3. Ann H Tearle says:

    Hello Dear Family–I continue to keep you all in my prayers, and also continue to pray that the person/s who took Morgan will be found and justice served, even though it won’t bring Morgan back. She is relevant and I will never forget your shining star. God bless you with daily renewal, strength to soldier on and comfort. My love, thoughts and prayers, Annie

  4. Gina Susek says:

    A mother’s intuition is ALWAYS right and true. Morgan’s candle is lit and shining brightly. I am sure that this is IT! So sad that other innocent girls have been taken. I am sure they are all in heaven, in a meadow, putting garlands of flowers in each other’s hair.

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