April 25, 2011

Dearest Mogo:

I am packed and traveling to Zambia today.  Parting is harder since your death but I am thrilled to go and serve in a direct and gratifying way.  Such service really is the savings of us; giving, helps us to keep moving forward.  We are at a funny place emotionally; we know we can survive such a huge blow but now we need to decide if we want to or if there is anyway we cannot just survive, but flourish anew.

Looking outside today, the thoughts of flourishing and renewal are prominent.  Leaving home is difficult when the grass is so green and, lush and the ground is carpeted with petals and the promise tight peony fists ready to burst open  To travel at such a time is a sacrifice; one of many made to accomplish the great good we do in Zambia.

I see the seasons change in our neighborhood; the kids are taller at the bus stop. The rounded earnest baby faces are now spare and self-aware. Girls, I use to see jumping rope and selling lemonade, now have beaux cruising the street – in cars!   It is fun to watch; but sometimes it seems like all the world is moving and transforming except for us.  Our calendar stopped on October 17, 2009.  We are finding a way; but why does it have to be so very, very steep?  

Miss you, every day!




P.S. I am hoping so hard that you actually have a school building with walls and maybe a roof.

5 Responses to “Gil Harrington’s thoughts from April 25th, 2011”

  1. Gil, This blog, this essay, this letter to Mogo, is so moving. It is colorful like a beautiful Springtime painting with a shocking white undone space in the center, exactly the shape of Morgan.

  2. sister3 says:

    May you have a safe, peaceful trip.

  3. Ann H Tearle says:

    God bless you all, but especially you, Gil, on this mother’s day. You remain in my thoughts, daily prayers and always, love. You and Morgan will never be forgotten by me. Ann

  4. Ann H Tearle says:

    Hi, Gil–Stay strong–thoughts, prayers and always with love, Annie

  5. Kelly says:

    Gil, I am from Charlottesville and went to Radford University, so I have held this story close to my heart. I have definitely shed many tears thinking about your plight. I think it’s amazing how you’ve somehow managed to turn your strife into something positive.

    Thank you for reminding us to put everything in perspective.

    I will send positive thoughts your way and hope that justice is served so you can finally put your mind to rest one day at a time.

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