It is so silly the things that get under your skin.  In cleaning cabinets today, I discarded “Morgan items”, things that no longer have any relevance to our lives – brown sugar, she was the one who loved to mix up batches of chocolate chip cookies.  We, our family, have no need for brown sugar anymore.  I was cool with that, but sprinkles – that was hard.  How ridiculous!  With everything we have had to let go of, to mourn sprinkles leaving the kitchen cabinet.  But until it’s gone you don’t fully realize the impact, the whimsy, and the fun that a daughter brings to lighten life’s gray tones.

I know it ain’t about sprinkles; it’s about the loss of joy that Morgan brought to our existence.  We have survived Morgan’s death; but we are not sure we see the rationale/value in surviving her ongoing absence.  It looks like much work, with little joy.  It is imperative that we find a way to celebrate the life we have, even in the face of pain.  The path seems so murky though – Morgan help us find a way.

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2 Responses to “Gil Harrington’s thoughts from August 12th, 2010”

  1. Michele says:

    Dear Harrington Family,

    I have no right to give you advice, because I can not fathom what you are going through. But maybe what I will say can help maybe a tiny bit? I have read a book several times called, “For Laci” – I am sure you know what it is about. Laci was a young pregnant wife who was murdered by her husband. Laci’s mother, Sharon wrote the book. It is sad, but also uplifting to know Sharon and the rest of her family have been able to piece together a new “normal”. Maybe you could get in contact with Sharon (maybe you already have?). I am just thinking that having someone to talk to, someone who knows what you are going through…maybe having someone like that to talk to will help you find reasons to go on and piece together some kind of happy existence that I am sure Morgan would want you to have. You sound like very giving people and I am sure that one day your giving will bring you some joy that it did in the past.

    Even though I don’t know Morgan or your family personally, please know that there are people out there (including me) in the world that care about what happened to Morgan and wish that you never had to experience this nightmare. I read your posts because I feel for your family and I think it is a tragedy your daughter was taken from you in such an evil manner. I feel strongly that who did this will be caught and punished. If not in this life, then the next.

    Wishing you peace and comfort.

  2. W.C. says:

    A family member said “Guten Morgen” to me this morning. I immediately thought of your bright, shiny Morgan. I will try to send whatever good energy I derive from the day’s joys your family’s way.

    You are always in my thoughts and I pray nightly that justice will be served to the/those cowardly and evil person/people who have broken your family.

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