My mind fills with a cacophony of struggle:

Why Morgan? so wrong / but it is.

Not fair, why us? / It is.

She was so fine had so much yet to give / it is.

We will never see her children, we won’t feel her soft hand on our faces as we die / it is.

Surrender sucks.

Stubbornly, insistently, incessantly I want to keep crashing against the rock of WHY?

How can this horrific murder be the destiny of Morgan Harrington? / It is.

God help us!

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One Response to “Gil Harrington’s thoughts from August 16th, 2010”

  1. ann says:

    After reading this I asked myself what would I do. And I remembered when I have received blows at the root of myself . . . and I remembered I got through it – each one – one breath at a time.

    We have an obligation to live. We receive the tremendous gift of Life on this exquisite, unique planet and we control none of it. Not anything of great significance is our direct doing. We are powerless except in our responses – and these are so important – paradoxically speaking.

    Your responses as I read them reveal everything from small lovingnesses to heroic effort.

    You have already raised up a horrific murder to a timeless grief and the greatest love.

    I loved the story of the “Morgan” truck you saw in New York city. She watches.

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