Suffering. There’s plenty of it to go around though it is largely ignored and perhaps undervalued. I believe that suffering provides opportunity for strengthening and transformation. As humans we all will have moments of exquisite suffering and pain. Figuring out how to deal with it is a necessary skill. Interesting that suffering isn’t even depicted in our popular culture much. As if the only responses to tragedy are rage and dysfunction, you fight it or are broken by it. Another, more challenging, option is to incorporate the pain of suffering into the matrix of your life and use it.

If we deny that suffering occurs, how do we learn to suffer with grace? Suffering perhaps exists to tire us enough to let go of our own will and be willing to surrender to the mystery of transformation; choosing willingness, not willfulness. I cannot resist the reality of this pain. It’s foolish to even try.

Suffering is like one of the rip tides at the beach in Avon N.C. If you flail against it will whisk you off and drown you. Many go that way. To survive you must keep your wits, jettison fear and do the counter intuitive thing, go with the current. Eventually you will make it ashore, not where you began or planned to end up, but further up the beach.

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