There is a sweet agony of holding secrets/special knowledge that doesn’t matter any more: like how Morgan liked her tea and how to make the perfect soft boiled eggs she loved.; just where to scratch the nape of her neck while combing out tangles; which were her favorite jeans?, and how translucent her baby eyelids were as she nursed.

All these intimacies were woven into the fine strong cloth of our lives: but now is nothing but a snarl of thread, devoid of meaning, bits of nothing.   We must pick up that tangle, unravel the knots, and weave a new cloth.  I know it can be done; but it is slow and tedious work.

It is difficult to take up such a task when we feel so slowed and hindered by sadness.  We miss you, Morgan.  Help us find the strength to somehow encapsulate this pain and find a new way, a new life. We are moving on, not without you, but carrying you inside rather than walking beside you.

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2 Responses to “Gil Harrington’s thoughts from August 23rd, 2010”

  1. tcaros says:

    I was watching the show “Caught on Camera” last night. They showed a college girls soccer team, the seniors were hazing the new players. They were drinking beer provided by an adult- most underage. During the hazing the senior girls were punching and hitting and caused injuries, several serious injuries. They split one girls head open and broke another’s ankle.

    It was like watching a bunch of animals. There were boys cheering it on and encouraging the violence.

    The show explained that the tape was used to prosecute several of the girls and the parents who provided the beer.

    What does this say about society? What about the VA tech shooting?

    When we talk about monsters roaming the streets, like Morgan’s killer, aren’t we responsible for teaching our kids right and wrong?

    I know that Morgans father is a dean in the school for psychiatrics. What have we leared about how we teach our own kids?

  2. tcaros says:

    I do hope we find the person(s) responsible for Morgan’s death.

    What I was trying to say is that we are never going to entirely rid our streets of brazen killers, but we can start with teaching our kids to be kind, tolerant, and respectful of others. This is what some children are missing and when they become adults how much more do they condone violent behaviour?

    When I watched that video I saw the worst in people being cheered on like entertainment.

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