Dear Mogo,

We are all taking on a bit of water just now. I am not exactly sure why. I think it has something to do with the time of year. This is the season when you were killed. It is also the start of school and all the promise that youth entails is on display at every corner, waiting for the school bus – or tiptoeing into the campus bookstore agog at new horizons. Those visas are closed to us now as we try to live an inexplicable life.

I went to Charlottesville yesterday. Just couldn’t stop myself. I had to advise caution and awareness to a new crop of kids in that place where a predator still walks free. I know students feel invincible, Teflon coated, but while a murderer roams they are in actuality – fresh meat, fodder. It is too late to save you my darling, but having felt this anguish, I can’t quit on the next girl.

That’s what my trip was about: “Help Save the Next Girl”. I will not let your murder fade to beige and be swept aside – as suits so many. Towards that end, I went back to the bridge of your abduction. I weeded the boxwood plant and anointed its feet with iridescent glass jewels that catch the sunlight and spit it back like fire.  I festooned the gray granite of your marker with multicolored prayer flags that gesture blessings into every breeze. It may be for naught, silly even, for I know they clear away these expressions soon after I leave, but my urge to adorn and make note of sacred ground is a mother’s right, in fact a mother’s duty. Mine to perform – and so I shall.

Still I find it hard to believe that you are over, finito. How can that be? Morgan, you were so big. You drew in all the light and banged it back amped up x 10! So full of energy and life and fun! Now husks of bone and ash. What reality is this? Not the one I choose – but the reciprocal reality is madness. Though I dabble there at times, it frightens and holds little comfort. Pity, or I might take up residence in that space of altered mind where I could conjure you at will.

Morgan, I miss you so.


4 Responses to “Gil Harrington’s Thoughts from August 25th, 2011”

  1. Cory says:

    There are many of us out here who have been touched by Morgan and will not let her be forgotten. The prayer flag you sent flys in her honor in my yard and although tattered from a year of weather it stays intact, much like your family. Please know we continue to check in on you, continue to care, and continue to pray for justice for Morgan.
    Blessings of peace, Cory

  2. Ann H Tearle says:

    God bless you dear Gil–for Helping to save the next girl. I understand why you had to go to Charlottesville, i would feel it to be my duty as well. I just want you and the family to know that Morgan will never be forgotten by any of us. I include you all in my daily prayers for strength and comfort to carry on, now and always. Thoughts, prayers and love, Annie

  3. Pippi says:

    Dear Dan and Gil,

    Just wanted to let you know that I think of you often. I also think of Shiny Morgan and what she would be doing now. I have granddaughters in college and I tell them Morgans story.

    How a beautiful young college student went for a night of fun with her friends…to a concert. A one in a trillion chance something happened to her. But it did. And it broke all of our hearts.

    I think of the year after Morgans disappearance and all the love and support..good times and bad…on the forum. Wonderful people all wanting to first find Morgan and then…find who murdered her.

    With age comes wisdom and I have lived long enough to know that no act goes unpunished. Perhaps Morgans killer is being punished in ways we could never imagine.

    But Morgans light shines on. I think of you often…..sigh….

    Love, Pippi

  4. Laura says:

    I don’t come here to read as often as I used to but when I do it makes me so sad…. I have a daughter who will be 25 next February and I can’t imagine living without her or her brother (22). I hope the person who did this is arrested soon but in the meantime I hope he is living his own hell.

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