August 27, 2012

Morgan, my sweet girl, I am not loving the mall just now; see, its “back to school” time at the mall. Remember “back to school”, back before you were dead?

It is a time of new beginnings, and hope, and a passel of jitters thrown in besides.  Back to school shopping for the perfect binder; reams of papers, fistfuls of sharpies and pens. You loved to put your binder together and make a plan to attack the new academic year.  Remember the flurry of heavy telephone conferences to discuss and debate with all your friends “What to wear the first day? Is it ok to pack your lunch or does that look nerdy? Maybe it is better to buy from the cafeteria?  Did you get the “good” math teacher? Where in heck are all the different classrooms?”

Lockers – that was a big stressor when you entered middle school.  Could you manage to work the combination lock? We even went covertly to the school building a couple of days before class started (very nerdy) with WD-40 to grease up the lock. We practiced and practiced your combination until the lock sprang open in your palm effortlessly.

Morgan, you were always both anxious and thrilled to start classes again in the fall.  You loved all the possibilities and promise of a new beginning that back to school implied.  Tragically, all over for us now, no promise, no hope, no beginning, just your end.  That’s why I have to stay away from the mall for a bit.

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4 Responses to “Gil Harrington’s Thoughts from August 27, 2012”

  1. tcaros says:

    I’m just as interested in what happened to Morgan today as I was two years ago. I read your words and the comments left by others. Many of those who comment try to ease the pain or express sorrow for the great loss of your daughter. Pippi is a real sympathesizing soul.

    I lost my mother at an early age, 12. I remember all the sympathy from friends and family. After a while you do move on for survival sake. For me it was many years later and I did not really come to finish the grieving process until much later. After a while you don’t care about sympathy from others.. it just doesn’t mean a whole lot in terms of what you must do.. which is start to live each day again like it’s a new start. There’s nothing wrong with holding on to the past memories.

    It’s painful to lose a loved one and under the circumstances that you experienced makes it even more difficult to complete the grieving process. To me I think you are still grieving. There’s not going to be a real closure until you know exactly what happened.

    I’m not sure when the case will be solved. I think JPJ Security is responsible for your daughter’s safety that night.. and the police did not fully interrogate the group of basketball players, concert goers, or get an idea of who saw her last. There will be a time when the killer makes a mistake, or has to give DNA samples. It may be years from now. The feelings you have then may take you back to what you are feeling now, and looking through the years it will make you feel better about how far you’ve come.

    I hope and pray you find a way.

  2. Ann H Tearle says:

    Still here–still praying for you all. There is no such thing as closure; a new life, without the physical presence of beloved Morgan. God bless you. You are in my daily prayers, lovingly and always in my thoughts, Annie

    (Nice post from tcaros i thought)

  3. Gina says:

    I still light Morgan’s candle in my living room. I hope for an end to all of this anguish soon. When life gets really bad for me, I think of Morgan and somehow the pain is not so severe. Does any of it matter when I could be gone by some random act by another? NO! Thank you Morgan for teaching me that. I bet so many have taken something good away from Morgan’s brutal passing. Maybe there is some consolation for you, her family, in that. At eventide, the light from the candle (vanilla scented and battery operated) has such a comforting glow.

  4. Chris says:


    Im 29 but my Lord I cry at night knowing it was not my ability to say Morgan Where are you going? I would have driven you right home but I was not there. Forgive me Mo I did all i could to bring justice to you but it wont fix the loss felt by those you left but it is us who suffer, and your with God and I can at least say I have no reason to think your mom would call 3174796989

    I hope you do I haveinformation and provided the DNA dot but they dont seem to think im as good as them so my information was ignored and it was this that showed me how close I am to justicefor youso please if youread this dont judge my grammar it is HEARTBREAKING TO ME ANDI WANT TO COMFORT YOU CAUSE I LOVE YOU GUYS AND I AM SO SORRY THAT YOU LOST MORGAN I HAVE GONE OUTON LIMBS FOR THIS SO PLEASE CALL CAUSE I CARE AND YOU NEED TO HEAR IT SO YOU CAN USE IT? PLEASE I CANT TELL YOU HOW MUCH IT WILL EXPLAIN? 3174796989

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