Morgan, we cocooned you in love for 20years – was it enough?  Did we manage to cram a life’s worth into that short allotment?

I feel cheated and pretty pissed off that we were robbed of the joy of your presence for the rest of our lives.  It is selfish I know, we wanted you here with us until we up and died; but fate turned the tables on that scenario.  How can it be?

The vestiges of you that we rejoice in are getting fainter.  I go into your room to conjure you up and try to sniff your scent from t-shirts. Even your closet is loosing the essence of Morgan and smells disappointing, flat, sort of generic now. I guess empty is the right word.

The tangible Morgan dissipates and yet the connection persists. Selfishly, I am not content with a monologue.  Morgan give us something, anything, to break through the barrier.  We are all wishing for something, a big sign from you.  Morgan, how about putting the 2 4 1 dots on the moon for a night?  Just once!

2 4 1

4 Responses to “Gil Harrington’s thoughts from August 2nd, 2010”

  1. tcaros says:

    There was a man arrested in Stafford VA for abduction and assault on July 7th. He looks alot like the picture that was made of the Fairfax perpetrator: face, hairline, eyes, but no beard.

    Do the test each person’s DNA that they arrest?

  2. tcaros says:

    I submitted a tip to the police after reading the rap sheet. The victim had a broken arm. “The victim was transported to an area hospital were she was treated for severe head lacerations and a broken arm, a result of being hit with a “nightstick” like instrument numerous times.”
    Here’s a link to the report. What an aweful thing this man did.

  3. tcaros says:

    The man arrested in Stafford talked to the victim at a shopping center, a Food Lion. This is similar in nature to the Fairfax abduction where the victim was abducted walking home from the Giant food store. Both MO’s link to the canvas of a shopping center for a victim.

  4. ann says:

    As a mother reading your words I can only say that I do understand.
    Not the thousand personal threads left dangling, but the depth of your loss. You will weave those threads into new cloth . . . eventually. You have shown great courage and love. You have what it takes to keep living one day at a time, one hour, one minute. She will show you something again, when she can. And Life will fill in bit by bit and changes and turns are ahead, yet, the connection will never ever be broken.

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