I am enraged and amazed by the tolerance for violence and acceptance of crimes against the weaker members of our society, women and children in America. Is it really OK? Are we still just expendable goods?

Beware! I believe the numerous injured and murdered women and children are the coal mine canaries of our times; delicate creatures whose deaths indicate a lethal toxic presence in our midst. They are a barometer of evil. Take note, hear the alarm and address the underlying problem of pervasive violence. Don’t just step over the corpse of the next lifeless golden creature and say “funny another dead bird.”

If you keep doing that, ignoring sentinel events, sooner of later the lethal emanations of violence will have fingers wrapped around your throat choking your breath away – all because you didn’t listen, turned aside, couldn’t be bothered, ignored the signals because it couldn’t happen to you. The fluttering wings of coal mine canaries in their death rigors have become deafening. Can’t you hear the clamor? Please listen, take heed, there is poison here. Find another path or risk your very lives.

Mogo – 241

2 Responses to “Gil Harrington’s thoughts from August 30th, 2010”

  1. tcaros says:

    I watched a show “caught on tape” the other night. It showed a girls college soccer team hazing the freshman girls. The girls were drinking, hitting, and hurting these defenseless freshman as they sat crying. Adults had provided the beer and other males were cheering the violence on.

    Look no futher than yourselves.. your own school, even VA TECH for the answer to your questions. This film would make you sick to see the cold hearted beating of defenseless people. One girl had a split scalp and another a broken ankle.

    Is this what you mean? It should be, because whatever people are learning it’s being tolerated at all levels to be violent- to harass and hurt others.

  2. Cory says:

    Through violent movies and video games we have desensitized our society. This lack of respect for life and all the horrors that go with it will continue.
    We must speak up and be outraged, reminding those who have fallen asleep under this spell to wake up.
    Those of us who have been affected by Morgans murder will not stay quiet and we will not forget. This cannot continue with our permission as long as we speak out against it.
    Thank you Gil for being a crusader for Morgan and all the innocents that are abused and murdered. You are writing the thoughts many of us are feeling and speaking; please continue. You have many prayers and good thoughts with you, Cory

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