It is not fair!  Life is just not fair.  When I have that reaction to Morgan’s murder I remind myself that we were never promised fairness; what we were promised though is the strength and the tools needed to overcome any obstacle.

We are developing that strength because we have been able to lean heavily on so many that we move forward.  Your family, both biologic and chosen, will always back you up; and it has made the path so much easier.

Life has always been precarious. We don’t realize the myriad disasters and catastrophes we squeak by everyday. Like the haphazard steps of a toddler stumbling around the living room narrowly missing the sharp corner on the coffee table – over and over again, sooner or later, an inevitable wrong step ends with a head bump and hurt and tears.

So it is with life; you get knocked over but don’t or can’t resign yourself to stay with crawling because walking is too dangerous.  We are programmed in the fiber of our being to get back up and try again. I think of it as tropism of the soul: we keep turning towards the light. It is what we are meant to do.

I reject brokenness in our life.  I acknowledge a broken heart but am determined that shattering will only open this heart to more love.  We honor Morgan, not with withered lives, but through glorious triumphant flowering.

2 4 1  Can we do it?

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  1. tcaros says:

    Your words are put very well. We tend to think we are entitled to a certain amount of time rather than being thankful for each day, hour, or minute we spend with others. There are many missteps as you describe or inevitable mistakes.
    Just the other day 6 teens drowned in a river in Shreveport. This tragedy reminded me of a friend I had in grade school who’s brother died. His brother and one other male and two girls went rafting and drown in the Perkiomen river. I remember the affect it had on him and his family. None of the rafters wore their life vests.
    Last year 4 football players went fishing off the coast of Florida and 3 died after the boat capsized. The widow of Marquis Cooper still has a hard time accepting the fact that it was Marquis’s decision to use the motor to try and free a stuck anchor that capsized the boat and doomed the group. She could be an advocate for mandatory boaters courses, mandatory GPS beacons, or just saying “he made a mistake that caused his life and others.” In that case Marquis’s decision impacted the lives of 2 others and their families.
    In the case of Morgan it was not her direct actions, but the actions of another. Also, I fault JPJ for their callousness and lack to understand the situation that put her at risk. At the worst, some decisons may have put her at a higher risk, and then there’s the inaction of her friends, but as you say everyday is a risk whether it be a child learning to walk or getting behind a wheel of the car.

    I’m sometimes confounded, and maybe this is a question about our society, by the amount of unnecessary risks we take in order to satisfy some other perceived need. Our kids, teens taking risks to fit in or be socially accepted. Alternately, the killer risked his freedom to take the life of another. The killer will most certainly go to jail and even face execution. He lives another day, but he is prospering those days, hours, and minutes in such a shallow void of a life.
    I think half of the answer is to put on the life vests, use common sense, and reject callousness towards others who need help. The currents of life won’t change. There will always be depraved killers just like bad decisions. In the case of Will Bleakley, one of the football players that drown on Marquis Coopers fishing trip, it would have been simple enough to ask Marquis if he had training on how to pilot a boat on the ocean. Then the decision would have been to Will if he’s willing to risk his life with someone who never took a boating course. I guess that’s where common sense is needed, which is not so common nowadays.
    What kind of perverse need does someone perceive to kill another person? They say rape is about power, and that must be filling some large void inside this person.

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