Our triangulated family

doesn’t have a Christmas tree

It was too hard you see

to contemplate what used to be

all the shattered memory

couldn’t stand the sharp torment

of baby crafted ornaments

But our home’s not scroogeish or bare

There’s still Christmas in the air

with candles and lights and flowers too

sometimes we cry

but we all try

strive to create a tradition that’s new

knowing Morgan, that it’s true

that your family honors you

by living fully, and so we do


4 Responses to “Gil Harrington’s thoughts from December 20, 2010”

  1. Ann H Tearle says:

    God bless you, Gil, and the family. Continued prayers that the Lord will comfort and guide you in this unrequested journey. The words have all been said; i just wanted you to know that you are being thought of everyday, and everyday in prayer. Love, Ann

  2. Cory says:

    Keeping you family in our hearts and thoughts at this holiday time.
    I pray there is justice for Morgan in 2011 and some resolution found.Blessings of peace and love always, Cory

  3. Ann H Tearle says:

    Thinking of you this day….Love,Ann

  4. JY says:

    Mrs. Harrington …. I hope you can find some way to live some what of a normal life without your beloved daughter , I know you loved her with all your heart and would trade places with her in a second if you could, she was your baby and always will be. Your life is forever changed and always will be,nothing can change that. But what you must realize is that Morgan is not really gone she is in your heart and soul and always will be , know that she is in a place where we will all be someday , she is at home.

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