My Dearest Morgan,
We have passed the threshold of another Christmas, our third! without you. I realize we have grown stronger from carrying the pain for so long, but it doesn’t get easier. Bad days are still fraught with anguish and good days less desperate though still flat, sad, and laced with disbelief. I know irrevocably, viscerally, that you are dead but somehow still question this reality. How can it be that you are over? Really?

Morgan, you had such a hard time separating. That first year at VT was so rough on you. We thought it was because you were such a homebody, happy to have the foundation of family. I worry now instead, if you knew in an instinctive way that separation would be the death of you. Should we have listened differently?

The gift of loving and relationship brings with it the vulnerability of loss. It is a risk, but regardless, it is worth us experiencing this pain to have had you as our daughter for 20 years. Morgan you brought us much joy in your short life. Astoundingly, even two years after your murder, your positive legacy continues to reverberate across the world – Africa, USA, Switzerland, and Nepal.

Tragedy can either strengthen or destroy. We choose strength. We embrace the transformation that is not beating us down but forging us into tools, honing us as blades. Weapons – that are relentless in our pursuit of justice for Morgan Dana Harrington. Tools – that will hammer and smash the culture of complacency that contributed to your death; determined to Help Save The Next Girl.


3 Responses to “Gil Harrington’s thoughts from January 9th, 2012”

  1. tcaros says:

    I can’t imagine what you have gone through these 3 years. I still want justice for Morgan. It will help knowing the murderer(s) are off the street.
    The familial DNA will definitely help if it gets passed and especially if everyone is being checked as they are apprehended for any crime.
    I was thinking that the assault in Fairfax had similiarities to timeframe and maybe other clues. Both crimes occurred around darkness 9:30 PM and both victims were females alone and walking. And I thought about this and read what was available on the Fairfax assault. It occurred near a Giant shopping center. The last known report on Morgan was the Copley bridge which was in the vicinity of the Ivy center.
    Here’s my thoughts that the police should check. I think he had a car. Maybe he parks in a shopping center and walks on foot. He certainly did this in Fairfax. On foot he is looking for someone alone, vulnerable, at night. He walked up on the woman in Fairfax. Maybe in Morgan’s case it had no relationship to JPJ or the Abermarle farm. He could have driven up and down the highway in VA looking for a shopping center that appears like a place to park and walk around.
    So, the police should check the parking lot surveillance tapes. Maybe they see someone pull up and leave their car alone there.
    I don’t think he’s from the area where her body was found. I know they talked about all the obstacles on the farm, but I was thinking when someone is pumped on adranaline or drugs that probably doesn’t matter.
    I still don’t understand how Morgan’s shirt appears on a bush. Unless that indicates where the initial assualt occurred. I really think the police should have released more information quickly. I know that they hold information purposefully to test suspects and have information only the killer would know.
    I really think the DNA is the answer and if there is hope to find the killer that is one positive in this tragedy.

  2. Gina says:

    I totally agee w/ poster #1. Sometimes fresh eyes can solve the case. As I see my daughter grow and make her way away from us, I think of Morgan and how she would have grown and gone her own way to make her mark on the world. Prayers and thoughts all these years away from that awful night. God bless your famil and may her killer be brought to justice soon. I truely believe that whatever goes around comes around.

  3. Sarah says:

    Dear Harrington family….your blog takes my breath away as always. As we see stories involving people like Sean Michael Horn coming out in recent days, it’s clearer than ever that predators are roaming at will. I do wonder about the description given in Morgan’s case, and the DNA recovered. Sean Michael Horn resembles the sketch, only he is a white male while the suspect drawing depicts a black male. DNA can be used to determine race and I hope they have done this, on the off chance that they have the racial issue wrong. I still believe Morgan’s killer will be caught and on that day I will be here rejoicing in seeing that chapter closed. Blessings to you and your wonderful, strong, beautiful family.

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