My Dear Morgan,

We have spent several days at the beach. Initially, the solitude and the slower tempo are difficult for us. It takes a few more days to turn down the staccato cadence of our lives and follow, instead, the measured rhythm of the ocean. These natural rhythms are healing and calming, but hard to discern when you move so far away from source. It is vital for health to find a slower pace. Many treatment modalities are based on allowing intrinsic patterning to reestablish, like defibrillation for cardiac muscle – or meditation for the spirit. Sometimes, we just have to turn off and reboot to factory settings to function optimally.

That is what we do for ourselves here at the ocean. We de-frag the program of our lives by reintroducing the simplicity, strength and beauty of nature into our existence. Funny that it is so hard to give it over to this process. We cling to the distractions and business of our lives like the children playing in the surf cling to inner tubes, thinking that will save them from the force of the tide. It is wrong thinking though. Inner tubes and water wings do help you float in calm water – for a while. Ultimately, what you need to do to survive in water is learn to SWIM. Be elegant and strong – fishlike in the waves. Morgan, you were like this in the sea. Boldly diving into the pounding waves, your hair silvered like an otter’s pelt and your movements as sure and sleek.

Living requires courage; do not just bob along on the surface, near the shore, afraid. Most of us live below our spiritual capacity. Dad and I have been pushed into deep waters and choose to be brave and to swim; knowing that we are here for a purpose and choose to show up and live at the highest level. This is what I learn from you Morgan – and from the wisdom in these crashing waves.


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  1. Dear Gil , As I read your words , descriptive to such a degree that I can see & visualize your Morgan like an otter swimming along steadfast yet with such grace. Most of us stay stuck in the rip tides fighting to just stay afloat . You & Dan & Alex have certainly been thrown out into the rip tides , but we all see you , heads above water , swimming along and yes with such dignity & grace.
    You & Dan have always demonstrated such grace & continue to do so.
    So many love you , though we have never met you . We embrace you all spiritually & lift your names up in prayer .
    Many Blessings !
    2 ~ 4 ~ 1

  2. Michele says:

    I think of Morgan and your family often. I pray for justice and peace.

  3. Moonchime says:

    Dearest Gil, As always your words have touched my soul very deeply. I feel as if I know Morgan because of your writings.

    I am, right now, listening to Joey Ortega’s interview with the two of you. I love how you said that instead of climbing into bed and covering your head, you choose to put on your lipstick and go on to the next interview. You are a remarkable woman.

    I grew up in Roanoke, therefore, when I first heard that Morgan was missing, I have prayed. I’m so sorry that Morgan wasn’t found alive.

    My prayers now are that the person responsible for Morgan’s murder–will soon be arrested.

    Your entire family has been such an inspiration and help to so many people. Thank you for all that you do.

    May God bless you as you continue your search for Justice for Morgan.


  4. Julie says:

    Dear Gil,
    My husband and I always read your blog with awe at your ability to express intense emotions in a positive way.
    I wanted to share a letter from the Washington Post yesterday. I could not find it on-line so I will type it here:
    “Dear Dr. Fox,
    I read with great interest your column about birds and your request for stories that involve the appearance of birds during an emotional or sensitive time.
    I had an unusual bird event the day that my mother died.
    My mother had stopped talking and was in a sleeping state. I was alone with her in her bedroom on the second floor of her house. The room was very quiet, until I heard a chirp at the window. This by itself was unusual. I walked to the window and saw the most amazing sight: The tree outside was filled with birds, and not just a flock of one kind. There were cardinals, robins,crows, chickadees, purple finches, goldfinches, mourning doves, sparrows and one tufted titmouse. Our minister came to deliver last rites later that afternoon. I told her what had happened, and she said she’d heard of such a gathering before. Nature knows when something extraordinary is happening , and these birds were gathering for the event. The arrival of these birds continues to amaze me and has given me hope that there really is a spiritual world beyond the living. I ponder this nature mystery and hope that sharing this will give hope to others.JK, Bethesda
    Dr. Fox replies: Readers might remember my account of an even almost identical to what you describe that occurred around the time of
    my mother’s death thousands of miles away. Skeptics speak of coincidence, but we should not lose our sense of awe and wonder. In the metaphysics of such coincidental events might be deeper truths that we mortals do not yet fully comprehend. Those whose hearts and minds that are open to nature are surely more receptive to such messages or unusual animal phenomena, especially during the passing of a loved one, than are those who are not mindful of a possible spiritual connection between humans and fellow creatures.
    I wanted to share this with you because I remember your description of what happened at your home with birds.

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