Walking on the beach in North Carolina,

Blue crabs,

Snake skin seaweed,

Horseshoe crab fragments

Cicada’s split – celluloid shells,

Many things change their skin, not because the skin is worn out, or they want a different color but because of growth.  Those organisms got bigger and had to transform and accommodate for change.  It is a painful, slow, unfailingly difficult process, struggling out of your carapace. Once you wiggle out of the bonds of old skin, you are fragile, naked and soft; vulnerable to injury from even slight handling.

This is where we are.

Unsteady and unsure of our surroundings after the transformative journey we have been thrust into because of Morgan’s murder. These new skins function to hold us together well enough.  Over time they will toughen and harden and protect us as well.  Until then we must be cautious knowing that even inadvertent slight impacts can injure us in our softened weakened stage of transformation.

We are fearful and reluctant of the many changes Morgan’s death has created in our lives – but have faith and determination that we are in fact growing and will be alright, eventually.

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