Morgan accomplished so much in her short life and had attained an impressive level of insight and maturity. Part of that growth occurred because Morgan had found her mentor/master teacher at VT, the elegant, talented Jane Lillian Vance.

Most of us need a mentor to inspire and guide us to order the chaotic thoughts and emotions of youth into a disciplined philosophy of living. I am so grateful that because of Ms. Vance, Morgan had experienced that quickening into maturity before she was murdered. It makes it somehow more acceptable, comforting, to me to think that Morgan had gotten what she needed and was “ready” to move on. We were not finished with her, but she was in a sense finished. A completed work, Morgan didn’t need any more lessons here.

Jane’s generosity to Morgan continues. The dedication of the film “A Gift for the Village” to the memory of Morgan Harrington is a huge tribute to our daughter; as is the transportation of Morgan’s essence on Jane’s current journey to Nepal.

It is staggering to see that Morgan’s spirit has gone as far as Zambia and now Nepal and beyond. This is a silver lining of sorts in the untimely death of a sacrificial lamb. The conceptual part of Morgan’s essence and her love persists, ever growing and disseminating, while her tangible, slaughtered, discarded body disintegrates into nothing.

Is this how love transcends and conquers all?

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2 Responses to “Gil Harrington’s thoughts from June 25th, 2010”

  1. JY says:

    Mrs. Harrington, you are an inspiration to humanity, God bless you and your family.

  2. Ann H Tearle says:

    Morgan’s love and spirit will be in our hearts and minds forever, Gil. Not only because of who she is, but because you have continued to give to the world, her intention and desire to care for others. And only God knows how you have found the strength to carry on with all you must do.

    I continue to pray for peace for you and yours and also that the perp/s will be apprehended ASAP. Love & continued prayers, Ann

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