Our beautiful shiny original, out of the box girl, is now firmly in the box, on our coffee table. Our time together has ended, an ending, but not THE END. Now we have to figure out how to proceed, to move forward in a positive way. Its tricky to keep yourself open enough to recognize and allow goodness to unfold.

I had a nice burst of joy this weekend when I recognized some calling cards from Morgan. Alex and I spent a long and unsuccessful day apartment hunting. As we entered the last place on the list I noticed a string of tattered prayer flags flapping on a fence nearby, but the apartment was just dreadful. We walked away and had a conversation about how we both were waiting for a “communication or a calling card” from Morgan. Maybe the prayer flags, (which Morgan loved and hung in her space at home and at VT) meant nothing.

We walked on and watched two small children playing on the sidewalk ahead of us laughing and squealing in the sun. As we got closer we saw that their excitement centered on a small contraption at the curb that was cranking out clouds of bubbles. A bubble machine! The only other bubble machine I have ever seen was at Morgan’s funeral/celebration.

We proceeded down the block and a man came out of a realty office caring a sign: Apartments, Apartments, Apartments. We stopped. The agent took us directly to a phenomenal place and we made the deposit.

In a span of 15 minutes- prayer flags, bubble machine, rental. I get it. Thank you Morgan.

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  1. Tori says:

    I believe, I believe. Morgan’s spirit is all around YOU Gil.

    Tori prayer flags hang here too!

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