I have spent a lot of time these last 8! months contemplating secrets. Some secrets are information intentionally withheld; other secrets are hidden by happenstance or coincidence. A tricky one is the secret we keep from ourselves because we kind of see it but know it is ugly and cannot bear to confront it – yet.

A really great way to conceal something and keep it secret is to hide it in plain sight. I did this often with Morgan and Alex’s gifts at Christmas. The kids were masters at searching out presents that I had carefully hidden and squirreled away. Eventually, I learned that the best place to hide secret things is in plain sight where they could be easily overlooked, seemingly obvious spots where they blended in and their edges were a little blurry but not fully hidden or obscured. Those definitely were the most successful hiding places.

This is just how the murderer(s) in Charlottesville are escaping detection, by hiding in plain sight. They are a little off, their edges blurred, but they are passable if you only glance quickly and then look away. When a predator is walking among you, hiding in plain sight, you cannot be so inattentive. You must be alert and aware and really evaluating everyone around you. Always have an exit strategy in place. When the hairs on your neck raise and your skin starts to crawl take note, get out, call the police, and we’ll have him.

I believe that secrets have a season, like fruit. The secret of who killed Morgan Harrington is ready to be plucked and broken open. It is so cloyingly over ripe that it is starting to smell.

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6 Responses to “Gil Harrington’s thoughts from June 30, 2010”

  1. sandra says:

    You are exactly right…as I’ve stated before someone knows….someones knows. From the news today it’s seems there is a connection to Morgan and another victim. It’s just like you have stated Morgan is not the only victim and unless he is caught she will not be the last. Evil runs through his veins. Thoses close to him have to know or suspect. How can they keep their mouth closed when another young girl may be murdered. I hope and pray with the latest development we are getting close…we have a sketch…he has to be getting scared. He thought he would never get caught but there are not perfect murders. We who did not know Morgan feel that we do now and we are a part of this tragedy….we want justice.

  2. Jill says:

    I hope and pray that with the release of the sketch, that Morgan’s murderer/monster and the other young woman’s attacker/assaulter will be found and brought to justice, so that no other family has to suffer like your family has.

    Someone recently sent me a quote, not sure where it originated, but it really hit home when I think of the heartache that your family and many other families are going through and have gone through – When God closes a door, He always opens another one, even though sometimes it is hell in the hallway.

    Your family is and has been in that hallway. I cannot even begin to comprehend your pain and sorrow. I pray that you can trust that God is going to use you and use this situation to reach out in some way to others who are hurting. You have honored your daughter by the compassion you have demonstrated to others already. I’ve admired from afar your openness and vulnerability in your blog and I pray that your words will be a comfort and an inspiration to others – you sure have been an inspiration to me personally. God bless you and your beloved family!

  3. Sarah says:

    In readig the previous entries it seems we have all had this feeling of the end of this nightmare coming. I really believe this is the beginning of justice for Morgan, and I’m so, so happy to see the recent developments. I’ll be praying and watching with you as always!!!!

  4. Ann H Tearle says:

    Oh, my God, Gil! I read your thoughts of June 30th–and then heard the news of a DNA connection–right on the heels of those thoughts. You stated the secret of who killed Morgan is ready to be plucked and broken open…

    Continued thoughts and prayers for your strength and comfort as you continue through this nightmare. I pray the perp will be apprehended ASAP. God bless you all, My love, Ann Stay strong

  5. tcaros says:

    The release of the DNA connection and sketch show tremendous progress in solving the case and bringing justice.

    I feel now that the murderer is not local to Charlottesville like so many speculated. This was a crime of opportunity for someone who roams about, maybe in food service or some job that travels.

    Since following the developments in this case I think the opportunity was unfortunately created by the hitch hiking. I don’t think Morgan was stalked- an evil person saw her in a vulnerable situation. It’s really frustrating to think it could have been prevented if the people at JPJ had acted responsibly towards Morgan’s re-entry situation. I hold the security folks responsible for putting her in harms way-.. and Why didn’t they release those darn tapes! It probably shows their negligence.

  6. salberg says:

    Gil & family; from one RN to another I just wanted to say God Bless you – I’ve followed your daughter’s case since day 1 and pray for you every day. My heart aches for you. You are so very well spoken, your prose inspiring yet every word conveys your sadness. You have such grace under so much duress I wish you peace in whatever way can ease the burder of your loss. For the too short time you and Morgan had together please realize some people never have that at all – small consolation for you perhaps but that love and spirit will prevail and live forever. Love is the essence of life. I’m with you, sister.

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