I was the recipient of much extra love and support yesterday on Mother’s Day. Folks anticipated that I might have a tough time as I relinquished my role as mother to Morgan. But, I haven’t done so yet- and the day was really fine.

Mothering has always involved caring for, not just caring about my kids. The multitude of tasks I do for my family are manifestations of love and caring and I have enjoyed them as such. Brushing out tangles from Morgan’s long hair, packing lunches, hot banana bread, filling up her gas tank, mountains of laundry, these Mother’s chores are a daily, tangible, and practical demonstration of my love.

I cannot surrender my role as mom to Morgan just yet. That day will come and I know I will mourn the closing of that part of my life. But right now my job of parenting and protecting is not done, Morgan is asking for, demanding the biggest task ever: find her murderer.  I still have work to do for my little girl.

As long as this last obligation remains, I hold fiercely to my role as Morgan’s mom. When she has justice I will concede to being mother of one, but not one second before.



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  1. Jamie says:

    Mrs. Harrington, I wanted to reach out to you and tell you that you were my inspiration to stay strong yesterday. I am 33 and this was my first Mother’s Day without my Mom. I loved her dearly and she died in a drowning accident on September 3, 2009 at the age of 52. I miss her every day and yesterday was very hard because it was just a harsh reminder that I no longer have a Mom to call and be with and we know how much us Daughters need their Mothers. Well you came to mind as I was driving with tears and thought about you having to face your 1st Mother’s Day without your Daughter. I have been reading your blogs from the beginning and for some reason I knew you would be strong and from that I gained strength to continue through my day. I figured if a Mom can face her first Mother’s day without her beautiful Daughter which should never be; then I can face not having a Mom to be with on Mother’s Day. I just want you to know that through all this you are giving strength and encouragement to people you didn’t even know you were helping. Happy Mother’s Day to the strongest Mother I know. God Bless You. Love, Jamie

  2. Michele says:

    Gil – my heart aches for you and your family. What a beautiful mother you are. You will always be Mom to Morgan – you never need to give that up. You are embarking on the most difficult journey yet and that is to seek justice for Morgan. I wish I could somehow help find that justice. I bet there are hundreds of people who read this blog that would so very much like to help you seek the justice that Morgan so desperately deserves. All I can do is offer my prayers – and I will pray daily that who ever did this to your beautiful daughter is caught and punished just as I prayed that she would be found. God Bless you and Dan and the rest of Morgans loved ones.

  3. Nicole Miller says:

    Mrs. Harrington–Don’t ever let go of your identity as Morgan’s mom–it is a gift that she gave you the day she was born. I lost my 15 year old daughter Mairi-Catherine on February 5,2010. Ironically, my daughter and I prayed that you would find Morgan last October–we couldn’t imagine the pain and heartache that you and your family were enduring. I told my daughter then, that as hard as it was for Morgan’s dad–it had to be absolutely unendurable for you. She looked at me and said–well duh, she’s the mom!! she’s the one that Morgan went to when she was sick, or hurt or needed to talk. Mom’s are different. Dad’s are great–but mom’s…well they’re mom’s. At that time, my heart broke for you, there was something about you that struck me, but I couldn’t quite place it. I now know what it was. It was the look in your eyes, it was a combination of soul wrenching sadness, combined with a steely determination. I know that look now, because I know what you are going through, and the sadness that engulfs us, just makes the determination to find justice and answers for our daughters rather than laying us low, fuels the fire. How dare they hurt my baby??? Who do they think they are? You DO NOT hurt my baby girl and get away with it–EVER! DO NOT EVER UNDERESTIMATE THE DETERMINATION, FOCUS AND UNDYING LOVE OF A MOTHER FOR HER CHILDREN. I hope and pray that you get the monster that hurt your baby. I know you will, because what these monsters don’t realize is one simple fact. While the police may slow down their investigation, and pull people from the case–there’s a mom out there that thinks about it all the time, she may go on and do what she has to do, for the family that they love, but as long as there is a breath in her body–she will not stop. You hurt her child–therefore it is worse than if you hurt her–you will be caught. The monster should be more afraid of you than the police. God Bless You, and I know that you will accomplish your goal, because no matter what–Morgan is with you, and she will help you.

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