The official response to violence on campus is kind of like the response of some authorities to 9/11. They were directing folks back into the buildings – unable to even conceive of a world where such an atrocity could occur. Acts of violence bigger and more lethal than had been seen before. The world has changed.

Another incident changed our assumptions about violence in schools, Columbine. The world has changed.

There has been a cluster phenomena of hideous violence in Virginia at both VT and UVA. The world has changed. You have been placed in a position where you can be prime movers on the forefront of devising an effective response strategy, or you can keep directing your students back into the burning building. Business as usual and squander more lives as well as an opportunity for greatness.

Virginians are reluctant to give up traditions, but the tradition and culture that tolerates violence in your midst must be addressed. The world has changed. 

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One Response to “Gil Harrington’s thoughts from May 14th, 2010”

  1. tcaros says:

    The change shouldn’t be to surrender our liberties to some kind of Nazi like fear.

    The answer is finding out who is behind the violence. Is it people wishing to change our Constitution?

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