Maybe they are starting to get it. To listen to the clamor of voices that ask for/demand acknowledgement and justice for the crimes against them.

I love the “white ribbon campaign against violence” to be distributed at graduation at UVA this week. There must be more attention given to violence on campus, and 25 thousand white ribbons is an awful lot of stuff to sweep under the rug.

Kent State, 4 dead changed the direction of the nation. At UVA 6 dead, nothing. How can this be? Here in Virginia we literally are having kids heads placed at our feet and we do….nothing?

One factor sociologists use to evaluate the development of a culture is to assess how that group cares for its women and children. Your statistics on this don’t look good. Parents send their precious children to college to gain skills for life; not to have their lives snatched away.

A prestigious degree is nice, but we as parents need to factor into the cost of that prestigious degree, will our kid make it out alive?

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  1. Sarah says:

    They’ll get him, Gil, I just know they will. I come every day looking for an answer, the day your daughter disappeared is my daughter’s birthday, and I have used what happened to Morgan to educate my Siera. Yet Siera was attacked last month by a registered sex offender on her way to school. She is 14. There must be a way to make people understand that it COULD be their child, so they will stand up and fight for ALL the children. I was already aware of that, and did my best to teach my daughter about the dangers, and still my greatest fear came to life. I am grateful she’s alive, but will find true joy in the arrest and prosecution of Morgan’s killer. I love you guys, I’m praying for you, and I’m waiting with you for justice.

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