Beautiful, smart, funny

20 year old female, single

college student.

Metallica fan, murder victim



 Call VSP with information

On Morgan’s case @


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3 Responses to “Gil Harrington’s thoughts from May 28th, 2010”

  1. Sally says:

    It is going to happen, Gil.Thank you so much for updating us . I feel you are so close to a break in the case. You are being so incredibly strong for Morgan and she knows it.

  2. tcaros says:

    Never forget that Morgan enjoyed what little freedom is left in America.

    There are those who would want to put us under a “monitored society” for our “safety.”

    They want to scare us by the brutal killing to give up on “free choice” in exchange for a monitored life that will be abused by those with excess money.

  3. tcaros says:

    There’s no doubt that the truth will eventually come out.

    Recently, the murderer of Kathy Engle was found through DNA. Her murderer, Kyle Eckardt, was found 23 years later when he had to submit DNA after being arrested on a domestic violance charge.

    His DNA matches the DNA on items found in the car where she was murdered 23 years ago. Many people choose not to cremate the body of a victim for reasons of accessibility to evidence years later.

    Don’t give up hope.

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