My heart is so heavy. I am overwhelmed by the violence and negativity. What is happening to our world?  In 2010 we should be working to establish respect, or maybe cherish, between people. Yet we are stuck, still battling for basic safety- please don’t hurt me, again!

The reign of indifference and the culture of complacency that provides the breeding ground for this festering violence is a formidable obstacle to change. Not sure I have it in me to stand against such an entrenched and strong status quo. Thought I only had to take on Morgan’s killers, not the system that created them.

I pray for strength. I pray for direction. Not proud of those please, please prayers, but please. 


3 Responses to “Gil Harrington’s thoughts from May 7th, 2010”

  1. Karen from C'ville says:

    Mrs. Harrington,

    I live in Charlottesville and work practically right next to where your daughter was abducted. I think of Morgan’s spirit often because the reality of the evil that is out there literally hit so close to home for me. I was working that night and think it could have been me or anyone else for that matter. The randomness of it-the random person that was chosen. Why? I want to believe that everything in the universe has a purpose and a greater good that can come out of everything. Is it just wishful thinking? How do you tell someone to keep believing in God or believe there is still good out there when one has experienced one of the most horrendous of evils out there. There are no words-only silence and stillness. Fear. How do we battle against the evil? Unfortunately, Earth is a place where good can only exist with evil; we can’t have one without the other. Denial is strong in our culture. Evil acts happen to others and never to us until fate knocks at our door and we realize we are one of the others and no one is immune from that evil for as long as we exist on Earth. How much have we evolved as a species when the reality is: Man is the most dangerous predator on Earth.

  2. Just A Mom says:

    Dear Gil and Dan,

    I have a daughter in Charlottesville who will be graduating law school in a few weeks. She will be moving closer to where her Dad and I live, and for that I am grateful. I feel for you guys so much, especially as Mother’s Day approaches. I cannot fathom your loss. It is simply untouchable. I pray for your family and wonder how Alex is doing. I hope he will be with you both on Mother’s Day and that he is holding up. Take care of each other – you are simply amazing parents. Take care of Alex and God Bless your family.

  3. Christie says:


    May God touch your heart today in a way that brings you comfort. I pray for you and all the mothers (and fathers) who have lost a child. Just know we haven’t forgotten Morgan, or your family.

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