October 11, 2011

Morgan you were, and continue to be part of the fabric of our lives. Silly things keep cropping up, like butter. There was always Alex butter (real butter) and Morgan butter (margarine). Now Alex is our only living child and it grieves me a bit to know that this insider Mama knowledge of my family’s preference is now irrelevant. Morgan is dead; get over it Gil! I am seeking closure and instead, at time, feel foreclosure – that all our investments of love and nurturing have been forfeited, wasted.

The anguish we feel from Morgan’s exclusion from our lives is cutting. The foreverness of death looms larger now as shock dissipates. We must change this pain into productivity; that is the way to wholeness and healing. I understand the huge opportunities that develop at times of loss. Like a field, you must be plowed; broken open and raw to receive new seeds that can flourish. We are there. We must surrender and let hope germinate. We must let go of attachments to certainty and allow the full spectrum of possibilities to show up. The harvest of that surrender is our very survival.

There is important work yet to be done as a result of Morgan’s death; both to honor Morgan and to Save The Next Girl: there is a school in Zambia to finish, a culture of complacency to change, and a scholarship to fund in Roanoke, and legislation to support that aids law enforcement and protects young women.

I am at best a reluctant activist. I would rather be on my third cup of tea, reading with a dog in my lap, not working, fighting for justice. But this is what I have been given to do and like every task I put my mind to; I will work hard and do my very best.
Morgan, the world was brightened by your time here and will be blessed by your departure as well. I am convinced that divine order exists. Perhaps we will have an arrest in you case only after we have wrung every possible bit of goodness from this terrible wrong. We are trying baby.


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  1. Michele says:

    Gil and Family –

    I continue to pray for peace for all of you. Every time I visit this website, I get a tiny bit of insight into your pain – although I know I can’t even come close to comprehending how you all feel. I think, I pray, I hope, that Morgan’s killer will be caught and punished. With the DNA evidence – you would think that one day this man will make a mistake and he will be found.

    Wishing you all comfort.

  2. Pippi says:

    Dear Gil,

    Our journey in finding Morgans killer is not over yet. He/she still walks the streets and enjoys freedom and life.

    Our wound continues to fester and will not scab over until this person is found and pays for the sentence of death they gave to Morgan.

    It’s been two years now. Have you given any consideration to the Vidocq Society? They investigated the death of Leah Freeman. In August of this year her boyfriend was found guilty of the crime and sentenced to prison.

    Never give up. Always push on. Somebody knows something. They are not telling out of fear or family.

    I pray for Morgan every single night. God Bless the three of you. Dan, Gil and Alex.

    I think of you often and remember you in my prayers at night.

    Justice for Morgan.

    Love, Pippi

  3. tcaros says:

    Hi. I started following the murder of your daughter when it first was in the news. They will eventually find the person(s) who are responsible. You may be interested or have heard of the case of Kathy Engle who was murdered 25 years ago. That cold case was solved just 2 years ago with DNA evidence. It turned out the perpetrator did not act alone and was a drifter up and down the I45 interstate in the midwest; hitching rides in trucks. Most of the time these sick people are looking for the right opportunity. They end up having no real motivation as to why they chose the victim other than opportunity. People understandably always wants to know why their child or loved one was picked, but these folks are depraved beings.

  4. tcaros says:

    I forgot to mention that I was glad to see the lawsuit against the security firm of JPP. The security firm never did produce a video which many people believed was a cover up. They were negligent for not providing the assistance to Morgan. Also, the police are always closed lip with any evidence.. sometimes that actually hurts the case as the trail gets cold. All the stuff about the t-shirt and necklace should have came out quicker just in case somebody saw something right afterwards.

  5. Ann H Tearle says:

    Never forgotten, Gil–you all are in my prayers every day. Just wanted to remind you that you are not forgotten. Love, Annie

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