A psychic 2×4 lurks around the house, waiting to catch you unaware so it can deliver such a smack. It caught me square and leveled me last night. I was scrabbling in an unaccustomed cabinet for a little used pan and I couldn’t get the door open. Without even thinking, on automatic, my hands knew to pull only a half inch and insert index finger to depress the plastic spring mechanism of the baby lock. We tried to keep Morgan so safe from harm, hot burners, sharp knives, fast cars, influenza, cavities. The mantra was always protect, protect, protect. How could we ever have imagined we needed to protect her from murder? Unbelievable to me still. Ridiculous that a silly little plastic baby cabinet lock has lasted longer than the baby it was installed to protect – our beloved and grievously mourned baby girl, Morgan Dana Harrington.


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  1. Julie says:

    This is the saddest truth–we cannot protect our children forever.
    I wish we could trust that our communities would help keep our children safe when it is time for them to move towards independence.
    Gil, Dan and Alex, thank-you for everything you are doing to seek justice for your lovely daughter and your efforts in community awareness and public safety.

  2. tcaros says:

    I’ve been reading your posts. I have to say that I’ve been trying to understand what happened to Morgan out of compassion and seeking justice for her and your family. I’ve followed the maps and the dots and read all the different news articles.
    Since you have been very bold in relating your feelings, I have a question and some things that bother me. As relates to the tragedy I was bothered by the JPJ security and the no rentry policy. I was bothered by the lack of security camera footage. Also, Morgan’s friends at the concert did not act responsibly. I suspect they will someday realize the result of their inaction. These were all links in a chain of events that played into the killers hand in abducting her.
    I’ve heard people refer to Morgan as an “avid rock-n-roll fan.” This seems fine topically, but what kind of lyrics are taught in those songs? As parents did you ever question the lyrics or music? What was she rebelling against? Rock concerts are known for drugs and the scene has gotten worse over the years. If you accept a drink from someone it could be laced with a drug. Also, Morgan was a very attractive young women. I noticed she wore very dark eye makeup that changed her look. From the outside it is hard to separate the events and the things that don’t quite add up. I still think there is something there.

  3. Moonchime says:

    Gil, First off I am sorry that you have to even read something such as tcaros’ post. Don’t give this “Job’s Comforter” a second thought.

    Gil, there are so many people who love you and wish we could give true comfort to you. I’m truly sorry that you have lost your precious daughter, Morgan. I will continue to pray that there will soon be justice for your shiny girl.

    You are living through every parents worst nightmare–and yet, you continue to inspire people through your words and actions.

    When your sojourn on this earth is over, you will be reunited with Morgan. God bless you, Sweet Gil. Big hugs,~Marilyn ❤

  4. tcaros says:

    Who’s acting as a Job’s comforter Moonchime? The Harrington’s lost their daughter to a cold blooded killer. There’s nothing in my post that would indicate that I’m insincere in wanting justice. The Harrington’s are trying to work towards identifying ways to protect children in Morgan’s name.

    Holding charity fundraisers and creating memorials are ways of reminding people, but if you’re really going to look at the problem of violence then you have to go beyond comfort zones.

    Plainly said: If we don’t understand the problem we can’t solve it.

    If we listen only to anger we’ll do an injustice.

    Virginia Tech has experienced a random mass shooting and a murder by beheading. Does that sound pretty aweful? Do we just erect memorials where we can mourn and leave it at that? There is a time for greiving and then a time to find answers. Mind you there are people.. many like on these posts who are attracted to mourning..overly apologetic tones..offering condolences…when really they are trying to find some meaning in their own lives.

    That’s reality talking and it may be inconvenient. I think the Harrington’s are looking for answers.

    As for Metallica, to my knowledge they have offered money.. a monetary award for information. The security at JPJ has not explained the absence of camera footage, which may explain some things like the re-entry situation and the injury/blood on her face. I think JPJ security was negligent. It may be inconvenient to say since everyone “seems” to be sorry and want to help. Even the police seem to be a “comforter” rather than explaining what happened.

    Let’s talk about doing one thing while really being another. Metallica is offering a reward to find the killer, but how do their lyrics speak about stopping violence? Is that Jobs comfort Moonchime? Ask yourself if someone was high, on drugs and alcohol, listening to these lyrics how that might setup a chain of events?

    Where’s the security footage?

    Metallica has an album called “Kill Em All” here’s just a few lyrics:

    We are scanning the scene
    in the city tonight
    We are looking for you
    to start up a fight
    There is an evil feeling
    in our brains
    But it is nothing new
    you know it drives us insane

    On our way
    You will pay
    One thousand deaths
    On our way
    You will pay
    One thousand deaths
    Seek and Destroy

  5. sandra says:


    I’ve watched your post on here before and I am amazed that over and over you have tried to put the blame on Morgan and her parents. What does the lyrics or Morgans makeup have anything to do with what happened? How rude and ugly of you to post the lyrics on here and ask the questions you ask. NO ONE IS TO BLAME BUT THE HORRIBLE PERSON WHO TOOK MORGANS LIFE!!!! She did nothing wrong. I think you should stop posting unless you can find some respect for this family.

    I pray for the family everyday.

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