We met with the Virginia State Police today.  In the vast wasteland of our loss and grief we look to them for answers.  We have become increasingly angry with the lack of progress in the investigation of Morgan’s murder.

I work myself into a tizzy the night before these scheduled meetings with LE; planning the knuckle wrapping I will deliver all around.  But when they walk into the house and I look into their eyes I can see their fatigue and frustration.  It penetrates me to clearly see Ed and Dino bracing themselves to receive an angry diatribe from me. These are good men, working diligently to the fullest of their abilities, to find resolution to the horrific murder of Morgan.

I realize that the legitimate target of the consuming raging inferno of our anger about Morgan’s death is the person(s) that abducted her, raped her, butchered her, and abandoned her as refuse in a hay field.

Anything that distracts us from focusing squarely on that evil crime is wasted energy.  So I am learning patience and surrender – hard lessons.

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One Response to “Gil Harrington’s thoughts from September 10th, 2010”

  1. Moonchime says:

    Dear Gil,

    Your words always touch me deeply. You are an amazing young woman. Morgan is/was blessed to have you as her mom.

    I am praying each and every day that the monster who took Morgan from you will be caught. And he will be caught, Gil. I’m sorry it is taking so long.

    There are so many people storming Heaven with prayers for you, Dan, Alex, Morgan, and for her killer to be brought to justice.

    Please take care of you.

    With love and hugs,~Marilyn

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