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 Morgan why couldn’t you have had another life

Find a lucky guy, be a simple wife

Maybe make a baby or two

That’s what I’d hoped for you

But life is a challenging game

Who knew you’d have to leave the game so early

You had a date with destiny on another field

That was your fate

A rendezvous with hate

When you were little, we’d laugh when you’d say

“I’m gonna be famous someday”

Honey you were right

On a rainy October night

After a violent brutal fight

You became front page news

Didn’t choose

This path to celebrity

Which cost your mortality


4 Responses to “Gil Harrington’s Thoughts on December 17, 2013”

  1. Ligia says:

    Thank you Gil for sharing this beautiful poem. Think of you and yours all of the time. I imagine what a beautiful angel Morgan must be now….watching over each of you…..guiding you to that monster…..and also protecting the next girl, so that she does not become the next girl. Thinking of you all always and expecially during the holidays. This will be my first without my brother….I pray all of our hearts are comforted. God bless.

  2. aybee says:

    only saw this news on investigation discovery today. may her soul rest in peace and may God grant the family the strength to continue to be strong.
    i was thinking if the investigators went through the owner of the property where her remains was found, isn’t it possible that since the suspect must have been familiar with the property that he might have been related to the owner of the property or a friend to the child of the owner of the property. just a thought, no harm or pain intended.

  3. Gina says:

    Thinking of you, your husband and son at this time. Morgan’s candle is nestled in with the Christmas cards we have received. I think of all of you as I pass my daughter’s piano where it has a home. It looks so joyous and yet it is so sad to see.

  4. Alice Hutchens Carpenter says:

    Dear, sweet Gil!

    I want you to know that prisms are still on my mantle at Christmas to honor your beautiful, sparkly girl. My eyes still watch for signs of the face posted on your website with the hope and prayer that he will be caught. You and Dan and Alex are still ever present in my prayers, along with the family of Alexis and so many other girls who have gone missing or were murdered. I hope you feel the strength and comfort of those prayers.


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