“Bound by Gravity”

Dearest Morgan,

Sorry to be despondent, but this bleak gray month of February has nested in like a boulder, cold, hard, and immobile. I am struggling. Yearning for release from our challenging reality, but bound.

I am tied to the world by obligation: to you and your legacy, to solving your brutal murder, to holding up Dan and Alex through this obscene desecration. I am bound here by frantic canine scratching at the door, brown eyes at food bowl, bushels of dirty laundry cascading like yeasted dough from the hamper. These implied promises hold me fast.  I am at core a doer, a worker. I cannot turn aside when duty calls.

It is tempting though. It would be so fine, so easy to let go, to float away. Is this the ultimate power of gravity/sorrow? It holds us here with tethers of love and obligation. Would that the strands might fray, separate, perhaps release, because the tie so often chafes.

We need some magic here Morgan. An arrest would mean a rest. Bring it on. Please?

Always, 241, Mama


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  1. sandra says:

    No one can understand your pain although we try…we cannot. Every person who has followed Morgan’s tragic death from the beginning prays for a arrest, conviction and punishment. I just feel there was more than one involved and I pray the guilt will eat them alive….destroy their lives….no happiness….

  2. Choumicha says:

    While i was reading your thoughts from the last past months i realise that it must be so agonising for you to go on without any form of closure. I Hope though that this year might be a year of many changes and revelations. I hope that this ordeal will soon come to an end for you and your loved ones.


  3. Rebecca Chileshe says:

    my name is Rebecca, journalist in Zambia. just watched a programme on Morgan on tv. i am so sorry for your loss. i pray her killers are found. i would like to write an article on the scho that is in Zambia. please give me details on it.

  4. Angelique Bosman says:

    Dear family,
    I have just watched the episode of Disappeared about your Morgan, here in the Netherlands in Europe, and just wanted to let you know how much I admire the love you and your family radiate for your daughter. As a mother of four can only imagine the pain you must be feeling. I truly wish you all the best and sincerely hope that the person responsible for your terrible ordeal will be captured soon.

    Lots of love,

  5. Ann H Tearle says:

    “An arrest would mean a rest”–absolutely. I’ll keep praying Gil for you, Dan and Alex. I pray the police/detectives are working dilligently behind the scenes as you/i write. I still just want you to know that i have not forgotten any of you–i remember back 3 yrs ago, Nov 17th, (well, 3 yrs and 4 mos now) when you appeared on TV, the very next night….. Dan said you and he knew immediately someone had taken her……….I will keep on praying for your strength and comfort to carry on, and for Morgan too. She knows your devastation. I also know she is beyond proud of you all and all that you have had to go through since that day. how i wish she could help point the detectives toward the perp/s….oooh, that would be so good. Good and loving thoughts of you, Gil, and your dear family, Annie

  6. jan mason says:

    I had the most wonderful and liberating thought a few days ago that allowed my dark shroud of sorrow to lift and let light in once again. My daughter died under awful circumstances not long after yours and the thoughts of what she went through all alone were driving me crazy. During my desperate cry to God, it came to me that THERE ARE NO NEGATIVE THOUGHTS IN HEAVEN! She is not remembering her pain and loneliness, nor blaming me for not being there…instead she is experiencing complete joy and happiness and probably saying “oh Mom, I am so glad I’m here…it is wonderful”. She and Morgan are happier than they ever were here!!!!!

  7. Barbara Summers says:

    Morgan’s case has grabbed me by the heart from the beginning, and I continue to pray for you. I hope that this is a source of comfort for you; I admire your eloquence and your strength.

    I hate winter and its cold; I hope spring will lighten your sorrow a little.

  8. Leigh Ann says:

    I pray for you all the time. I want justice for Morgan! I want some closure for you and your family.

  9. Paul says:

    Praying that you should have peace and comfort in this difficult time. My wife and I watched Disappeared this evening and are very sorry for the loss of Morgan. On a positive note, thanks for posting her artwork. We love the picture of the dog and puppies. She was quite the artist!
    Paul and Alicia

  10. Denise Davis says:

    Gil: why there is no posters of the suspect at the crossroads country store on route 29? I stop by every time I drive that way and I haven’t seen the poster anywhere lately. if the poster have been taken down? It is because the suspect is from that area. wouldn’t the authorities have enough sense to figure that out? Someone is scared of being recognized. You can send me a car poster with his photo. I will put on my car. The entire population of the area has the moral obligation to help out to get this killer: before its too late and he kill again . Blessings.

  11. tcaros says:

    I hope they find the killer. I don’t believe the killer is in Charlottesville area, especially since the DNA is tied to a Fairfax assault.

    There’s a few things that have always bothered me with the investigation… the lack of video tape outside JPJ, the lack of information about the 4-5 basketball players who were seen walking across and talking to Morgan. I think Det. Radar stove piped the investigation when he decided the killer had to be in that area since he knew the farm. If you ask me it sounded like they just looked for some place rural…didn’t really have to do with someone’s knowledge of the area.

    Things I would look at are the possibility that the killer was tied to JPJ some way, maybe a traveling worker which would explain the Fairfax assualt.. or possibly one of those basketball players.

  12. Dear Morgan Family. We watched the disappearance of your daughter on TV in South Africa today, 15 April 2013 and I pray that they will catch the killer soon. My husbands son, Matthew died 4 years ago on 6 May. My husband is struggling to get over his death but also try to hold on to the good memories we have. We as parents will never get over a childs death. God bless.

  13. Kristin says:

    Just wanted you and your family to know that I followed Morgan’s story from the beginning and adopted your “241” with my 3 boys. We still use it on lunch notes or my 16 year old will flash the 2-4-1 fingers to me when he doesn’t want to say “I love you” in public…we say it every night before they go to bed and each time I am reminded of where it came from and I think of your precious daughter and your family and say a prayer for you. My boys are 16, 11 & 4 and they know we borrowed our “secret code” from a beautiful girl named Morgan. I know it is no comfort for your heart but I did want to tell you we remember her.

  14. Gina says:

    I wnrt on a road trip to hendersonville NC last month following Route 81. I was so enthralled with all of the beautiful farms with cos, goats or horses. I agree with a poster. I noticed the similarity of all of the farms one to one another. I think Morgan’s killer may NOT have been familiar with THAT particular farm but is familiar with farms and probably worked on one. When we passed the sign for Roanoke, I wished that we could have stopped and said hello. We are really strangers to you and that is what stopped me. Another beautiful year and you have gotten yourselves through another cold, unforgiving winter. I hope that your heart has lightened a little. My friend lives in Leesburg and told me that, in the spring, she just opens the windows and lets the cool, refreshing breezes in. I hope that you are doing the same.

  15. Ann says:

    I just read this and thought it may bring you some light and something to think about:


    I do not forget your grief at the loss in this life of your daughter.

  16. jan mason says:

    Thinking of you today and all mothers who have lost children, as we have. Hope you have had a blessed mother’s day in spite of your loss.

  17. Lynda says:

    Hugs and prayers Gil, to you, Alex, Dan and of course sweet Morgan. Your writing is a window to your heart and soul and I feel your pain as I read your words. I hope that you get the justice and arrest soon that you so deserve. So many of us are waiting with you for this to happen. I cannot imagine the pain and agony you have gone through and are going through. Just know that you are not alone and that many will pray for you and your family forever. Your Shiny girl lives on forever in the arms of Jesus. One day Gil, you will be with her again. You are making a difference in this world in memory of Morgan and I know she is very proud of you. You and Dan are wonderful parents. God bless and 241.

  18. Evans Muyunda says:

    I was just watching the Story of Morgan on Investigation Discovery and am in shock… I was honestly hoping they would have caught the perpetrater by now, and its just sad that you (the parents) have to live knowing that this kiLler is probably still free.

    However, am greatly encouraged by your strength and I pray that you keep on with the search. The more people know about this case the smaller the world gets for this killer. I believe justice will be served in your favour one day.

    My the Good Lord keep you safe and provide the comfort you need.

  19. Kassandra says:

    I saw your daughter’s story in Australia today.I pray you get answers soon, i couldn’t imagine how you keep going day after day, Gil you are an amazing woman. Morgan and your family will be in our thoughts and prayers. Xoxo

  20. Francis Alphonse says:

    Hi Dan, Gil

    I live in Auckland, New Zealand, we just saw the show Disappeared last night and I wanted to write.

    I thought from the TV images it was a Catholic service I saw. We are Catholics too and I just wanted to say dear Dan and Gil that your irreparable loss is only for a short time. We will all be re-joined together with Jesus, Morgan already, yourselves and all the rest of us, in time.

    Evil will have its own accounting, we may not know the time and its form, but it is inevitable for those who would choose to personify Evil in this world.

    Very often, it is those of us still left here who need to gird up our loins as they would say and soldier on, our loved ones who have left this time of testing and trial who have grown up in faith have simply gone ahead of us.

    My aunt is a nun and we often talk about how we feel a communion with family who have passed on. It is our private sentiment, because it is either peculiar, impossible or imagined to most. To the world, the unfathomable depth and impossible divide between us still in this world and our loved ones who have passed on needs no telling. But Morgan is no less alive now, we have Jesus’ word on this and to this we must cling. Pray for her, pray to her, that she help you through the remainder of your journey.

    God bless you both always and I pray that you have the courage to remain true to yourselves and Morgan, until you are reunited with her

  21. Gina says:

    Just this past week I was reading that NY, I believe, is going to be doing DNA swabs of petty criminals. I think I read it in the Sunday Daily News last Sunday (6/2/2013) and that they expect it to sweep the country. I hope that this happens and that is how Morgan’s killer WILL be found. He CANNOT lay dormant all of these years and not cross the line somehow, even something as simple as jumping a turn-style in the subway.

  22. McKenna says:

    Ive been there and the pain is all too familiar. I would like to say time will lessen your pain, but it won’t. The pain will remain. Your coping skills will get stronger. You will remain in my thoughts.

  23. Kathy says:

    I felt compelled to send my deep condolences on the lost of your beautiful daughter after watching the Dr. Phil show. I encourage you not to give up on your investigation. Have you ever considered hiring a “Medium” or “Psychic” to connect with Morgan? My prayers are with you and your search for the truth.

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