July 24, 2013

 Loss is a resolute and determined teacher.  Like the pounding surf it can sculpt beautiful shapes; if you can tolerate the process, the destruction and reconfiguration.  That is a choice, a difficult daily choice of surrender to what it is, let go of what was and if you are particularly clever at times, there is joy to discover in what is unfolding here and now.

 Morgan, you taught us so much. I believe that showing us how to grow strong enough to deal with your death is an infinitely precious final lesson.  Morgan your death gives us the opportunity to move into greater insight and greater love.

 I get that, I really do and believe it.; though it ain’t always easy to see.  Everyday has so many snares that try to pull me into negativity and self-pity.   Walking Kirby, I see neighbors strapping grand babies into car seats and wonder why that joy was never meant for us.

 Here is where faith comes to the rescue.  A belief that the direction of the universe is towards good and wholeness – despite all appearances of destruction, the pieces are falling into place, not apart.   You cannot impose your desire on these pieces, they don’t go or fit where you may want; but they slip into the best, most appropriate place of their own accord.  Mogo, we miss you terribly, constantly and yet realize that you have made us grow. At the outer reaches of ability you can either fold or choose to grab hold desperately of possibility and so discover character and hope.



7 Responses to “Gil Harrington’s Thoughts on July 24, Which Would Have Been Morgan’s 24th Birthday”

  1. Ligia says:

    thinking of you all today….and as always I pray for each of you and for Morgan’s killer to come to justice. I’ve been coming to this blog since it first came up…to pray, to check in, to hope for better things for each of you. I heard a song today that always soothes my heart after the sudden loss of my brother this year. Thought I would share it with you. It is by Kenny Chesney and is called “Who You’d Be Today”. Hope you find some comfort in the words at the end of the song. Sending love and prayers.

  2. Lee Griffin says:

    I visited this website to see if anyone, you especially, thought there may be a connection to Alexis Murphy. It was the first thing I thought of. My son was a senior at Tech when Morgan was abducted. He and his friends were all disgused with what had happened. They would have killed her abductor (even though they didn’t know Morgan personally) if they could have gotten their hands on him. My daughter, Morgan is getting ready to start her sophomore year at Tech and will be 20 in Oct. I worry about Charlottsville. I have thought of other girls we know attending UVA. My youngest Madison is looking at colleges. I hope they catch this horrible, horrible man. If he resists and is shot by authorities, even better. I pray you get your peace.

  3. Elizabeth Floyd says:

    I am so sorry. She is a beautiful girl and your writing makes the loss so real and tangible.

    I hope whoever did this can be found somehow before having opportunity to do it again.

  4. Bev says:

    Who in the world would begin to know what to say to a person in your situation, having not have been there myself. So, the only thing I can possibly say to you or tell you are these truths: 1. I was horrified and deeply saddened by the disappearance of your daughter in what seems like so many years ago. 2. I always held hope that she’d be found, if not happy, at least alive and healthy. 3. I followed the case and was devastated when they found her, though I suspected that if found that is what would be found. 4. I never forgot her, and I never will.

    Today, after being on vacation and out of touch with the world, so to speak, there is yet another who has gone missing. How are our beautiful children disappearing this way?? What in this world can we ever do to stop it?

    Still thinking of you and yours and burning new hope for Alexis,

  5. Ann H Tearle says:

    Hi, Dear Folks–You are still never very far from my thoughts, i still include Morgan and you all in my daily prayers. God bless you
    with continued strength and comfort to soldier on. You comtinue to keep Morgan relevant. My love, Annie

    PS I also still pray the perp/s are found and brought to justice – no, it won’t bring Morgan back, but it will possibly save the next girl/A

  6. RJ says:

    Need help with something that may or may not be useful in the case. My mom encountered a man that has made claims.

  7. Elizabeth says:

    Gil, Have you thought about whether the person who is now in custody for the abduction of Alexis Murphy might be the one who abducted Morgan?

    His name is Randy Taylor.

    He was in Charlottesville VA buying adult DVDs at 5 pm on August 3, some hours before he is suspected of abducting 17-year-old Alexis Murphy, in Lovingston VA.

    I just noticed the overlap with the town of Charlottesville.

    He is also the last person to have seen another young woman, Samantha Clark, in 2010 when she was 19.

    I called the Virginia Police Tip Line (the number given on the findmorgan web site) to suggest this just now, and the woman sounded like they had never thought about this.

    It sounds like the jurisdiction handling the Alexis Murphy case is in another county, and there might not be much overlap in terms of who is handling the cases.

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