My Dearest Morgan,

You had it all, brains, beauty, loving family, and friends. Everything in your life was in order: you had found your passion and chosenacareer, made a home, learned to cook (scrambled eggs anyway), had a passport (you were ready to travel), vaccines (up to date). You were just bursting with potential and ready to unfurl in full glory; but Morgan, you expired before your driver’s license does in 2017.

The only thing you lacked was time, precious time. Such a short life; you were only 20 years old when he killed you. Your time ran out: such a damn shame!  What a waste. What vile thing came to this bridge 4 years ago?   It was a chilly day, misty and damp, when he slaughtered you and dumped your body like a “field dressed doe” onto the dirt at Anchorage Farm.

The bloodlust of a dangerous predator still bewilders me. I just can’t comprehend the desire to hurt and maim; but evil does exist; I know, and he murdered you.

Honey, we are getting tired, need a break. At times we long to tuck tail and slink away; but there’s still a killer out there whose appetite only increases. His jets are starting to hum and compulsions grow. Is it time? It is if he gets a chance, finds the weak one, seizes the opportunity.  Charlottesville, please don’t let that happen. Don’t let him kill again. Be vigilant. Be aware. Know your neighbors. Participate in your community. Please Help Save The Next Girl.



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  1. Cory says:

    Gil and Dan, there are many of us who have been touched and changed profoundly by Morgan’s murder. I know I speak for the many who’s hearts and prayer’s are with you during this time and always.
    We will not forget and pray for justice for Morgan and peace in your hearts.
    Stay strong 2-4-1 Cory

  2. Barbara Summers says:

    Mrs. Harrington, I continue to pray for you all.


  3. Gina Susek says:

    I was dusting our daughter’s piano the other day, there is Morgan’s candle with the batteries in the package on the side. I plan to light it and keep it lit this fall and winter. We had so much hope and optimism before Morgan’s remains were found, then when we had the first sketch of her murderer. Where has the time gone? Where have all of our hopes gone? We were such a determined band when we could blog, then a few ruined it for the many. The priest on EWTN gave a wonderful homily on Sunday. We ask, and God says “NO” but he gives us something better to get us through. I wish that you could have heard it. I’m sure that it would have lifted your hearts even just a little. I see a girl with long blonde hair and I think of Morgan. So, in essence, she is everywhere!

  4. Joanne says:

    Mrs Harrington,

    I check this blog regularly and keep Morgan in my mind all the way across the other side of the world in Australia. I was so profoundly touched by Morgan’s story and your journey, and your fight to protect other young women while waiting for answers of your own is nothing less than courageous.

    Just want to let you know that no matter how much time passes your family and Morgan will not be forgotten.

    Prayers and love,


  5. Heather says:

    I was searching missing people on the FBI site and found ALEXIS TIARA MURPHY it looks like she disappeared from the same area as Morgan on August 3, 2013. You never no what may get the monster who is responsiable for Morgans Death caught.

  6. Ann H Tearle says:

    Dear Team Harrington–
    I just want to let you know that i am still here, still praying and never forgetting Morgan. She will always be relevant. Please do keep this website going–it helps to check in with you and get a feel for where you are. I pray daily and Morgan, and your family, is on my prayer list. God bless you as this 4th anniversary passes. I’m not sure it ever gets easier, but for sure it is different.My love to you and for Morgan, Annie

  7. NA says:

    What are the police doing? I don’t understand why they STILL have not come any closer to finding the killer. My mom and I always hope for some “good” news- “good” obviously being a relative term, considering there is no real positive in this- but every time I come on this site hoping for an update all I see is the same sketch of a Hispanic male. I am sure this vile person has killed again- especially since he has gotten away with it at least once- who knows, probably more. And the police of course, are no closer. What a surprise. They really need to recreate the scene and trace back piece by piece the area she was in, and interview people affiliated with that farm who are Hispanic- he looks Hispanic or a mix of Hispanic and Black (like Dominican or such)- if it can be established he knew the farm well, then obviously someone knew him who tended those areas. Is there any way you can get on 20/20 or Dateline or something to get more interest in the case? That show is watched by so many people. I am going to pray really, really hard that you find this piece of crap, insha’Allah (God willing). May she rest in paradise now, though, and may your family find answers and justice soon.

  8. NA says:

    Just to edit my previous message, I guess it is difficult to rule out any race other than White; he is definitely a person of color. They should check the farm for any previous workers who people of color; I am sure somebody who worked there knew him. I am South Asian myself so I am definitely not being racist! 🙂

  9. Advocate says:

    I know someone who closely matches the sketch of the suspect and who has ties to the nearby area and is an avid hunter. How can I get you the information?

  10. Oliver says:

    I am really sorry to know all this things. My heart is filled with tears and I have lost words. I will definitely pray God so that, She sleeps a peaceful sleep.

  11. steven says:

    This is my question…..was she wearing earings at the time she dissappeared? If so were they both found? if not….go back…set up a search grid with detectors. …if you find one going up hill then there are two offenders………if its down hill then they had access to the property…..maybe someone working on a fence…….

  12. Barbara Summers says:

    The other day I saw a beautiful young woman at the airport in St. Louis who reminded me of Morgan.

  13. Chris LaRose says:

    So sorry for the horrible murder of your sweet Morgan. i watched the story on the “Disappeared” program on Netflix last night. These episodes are so tough because the killer gets away with murder! i can’t imagine what you have gone through, i have 2 daughters in their 20’s and wonder what i’d do. As i watch this on TV i find myself yelling at the cops and asking questions out loud and getting so angry and sad thinking about your little girl and what she went through.

    They make it sound like she was either drunk or stoned, stumbling around outside. Morgan doesn’t sound like the kind of girl that would do drugs, but why else would she go outside? Could she and one of the other girls have taken some psychedelic drug before the concert? i did when i was their age. If she was so messed up on drugs she may have gone outside for air or just didn’t know what she was doing. And as she had her cell phone, why didn’t she call home for a ride? i cannot believe that she would hitchhike if she was in her right mind, which brings me back to the drug idea. Please forgive me i don’t mean to accuse her, but just trying to understand why she went outside especially knowing that she would not get back into see Metallica (which she had been waiting for for weeks)! Why was she outside that venue?! And no video at all, 0! Unbelievable!

    i was also upset that one of her girlfriends didn’t go with her to the bathroom. Girls should never go anywhere alone, especially at a large event like a concert.i think those girls know something and should be questioned again.

    Anyway, sorry for the rant, Gil and Dan. On a positive note, as a Catholic, i believe in the Communion of Saints doctrine, ie, we are all connected in the Body of Christ including those here on earth and those with God in Heaven. Just like we are able to pray for each other and ask for prayers from our family and friends, so too can we pray to our loved ones in Heaven and ask for their prayers for us. In other words, you have a powerful little Saint in Heaven who is with you forever and is actually helping you through this by her intercession to God on your behalf. Remember, God is a God of Mercy and Justice. The killer will never get away with murder without severe punishment. If it’s all right with you both, i am going to turn to St Morgan of Virginia for her Heavenly help on my journey to be with her in Heaven one day. God bless you all and i love you.

  14. Vickie C says:

    So, so, so sorry that such evil exists in this world. I can’t believe that slime like him are allowed to live on and destroy lives, while precious angels like Morgan are taken from us too soon.

    If this thing, that probably calls himself a man, has any guts, he will come forward and ask for your forgiveness as well as Morgan’s. Forgive me for being so angry, but I just don’t understand why things work out this way.

    Morgan spends a day all excited about going to a concert, like all of our daughters have; only to get killed by a maniac. Unfortunately, the young feel so invincible, and have no idea what evil really lerks out there!

    I challenge the man, that did this horrible crime and the crime in Fairfax to have the guts to come forward. Show the world who you are and what you are capable of. Help investigators learn how we can protect our young girls. Give them your insight! If you think that there is nothing that you can do, you are wrong. You can right a wrong! Please help Morgan’s family and help the rest of us learn how to protect our daughters.

    When you think about raping a woman; stripping a woman of her dignity and finally killing her, how do you feel afterwards? Do you go to work the next day and laugh with your friends; Celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas with your family; or attend your child’s baseball game? Do you realize that Morgan can no longer do those things? You took them from her! Now, what are you going to do about it? Come forward for Morgan, for her family and for all of your other victims! Who knows, maybe your life wouldn’t turn out to be a total waste of time & space!

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