Dan, The VTC Medical school is up and running! It is an innovative and exciting venture to be part of. Morgan was thrilled to participate in some of the planning and infrastructure that culminated in bringing the first class of students to VTC in August.

Gil, Busy holding down the fort. Plans to travel Zambia to participate in the ceremony for the first graduation class at OMNI School as well as the dedication of the Morgan Harrington Educational Wing, a three classroom block that is currently under construction.

Alex, Has been home more frequently as we have needed him close to face the impact of this year long grieving together. Alex is finding a way to soldier on, but NYC is a tough town under best of circumstances and even harder when raw from contemplating the murder of a beloved.

Morgan, Still dead, still needs and demands justice, answers, atonement.

Kirby, Only nipped perhaps twice last week and barely broke the skin. Not totally reformed yet, still a work in progress. He is wiggy and unpredictable when awake but an Olympic class snuggler when sleeping. There is hope.

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3 Responses to “Gil Harrington’s thoughts from October 15th, 2010”

  1. Diane says:

    Mr. Harrington,
    My name is Diane Sharp, I’m a very gifted psychic. I gave info to police shortly after Morgan disappeared. The info I gave was that she was in a hay field, I also gave a description of the guys and car. The composit drawing on the website matches the description I gave to police. I also believe that Morgan had met this guy before at school. She met him as she was going into a classroom, he may have been taking the same class. This classroom is in the oldest part of the school. He dresses neatly with kaiki pants and pull over shirt. If you would like to contact me feel free to do so.

  2. Ann H Tearle says:

    Oh,my. i just read the comment from Diane of 10/27/10. I hope the investigators are quietly following up on everything she wrote…….

    Dear Family, Just to let you know my thoughts and prayers are with you at this Thanksgiving time for your comfort and strength to carry on in the face of this enormous loss. I think of you and Morgan so very much…..and pray also that the Lord in his mercy will lead, to the perp/s ASAP. Love, Ann

  3. Chris says:

    Wow a gifted psychic and that is your statement to this family who has more than they deserve to some psychopath? I am an educated Catholic and the best I can say is I will never give up and have never seen such a disorganized and uncooperative effort to find a serial killer. This man will be judged in this life and the next, when you say things that have now valid reasoning you solicited this Diane.

    You are a believer in your ability, a self centered and by my deduction an atheist who thinks man is capable of all things but to be sure you know only how to mock and in so doing make people like me seem like you. I am nothing like that so please refrain from selfish desires but the above is true of you that your a pagan, ask me to justify it and I would be glad to cause your nonsense is disrespectful and misleading to all.

    Try me Diane or have we not the ability we thought to coax a family into thinking a psychic is the best chance to solve this already progressed case? You honestly make me wish I ran this website cause I monitor all any and everything in my own. The family is going to have the system work for them and untill it does I hope they don’t hate me for loving them and their daughter is my guardian angel. I have but one goal in life and Ms. Morgan Dana Harrington and all other young girls are the reason I live not money. You do and if I am wrong show me you still exist or did they see throught the broad lies as I did. Try me but don’t insult offender profiling as if it were a black art cause its a refined science so good day Diane.

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