Hello Everyone, Dr. Harrington and his wife Gil have asked that the following message be shared with everyone possible in order to express the hope and love they wish Morgan to experience.

The Harringtons have a special message of love they communicate with one another verbally, in notes, and even in signing (perhaps if you have traveled with Dan, you have noticed that this symbol is even on his luggage!) It goes like this:

• • (I love you too much)

• • • • (Forever)

• (And once more)

The Harrington’s believe that if we all think this through, pray/meditate and share it with others, that Morgan will experience the love, comfort and peace that comes from our efforts.

Tonight at the vigil at Northside High School in Roanoke, this symbol will be on t-shirts, and they are asking folks to display it on their cars and windows. Perhaps a group of folks will even get bumper stickers made as a way to keep the message out there.

Please share this information with everyone you can and remember the new tip line 434.352.3467 is still seeking any and all leads.

Thanks so much for keeping the Harrington’s in your thoughts and in your hearts – they are grateful.

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