Statement by Dan and Gil Harrington

On November - 9 - 2009

We want to thank the many wonderful people who volunteered their time and hard work this past weekend to help search for our beloved daughter, Morgan. An area of approximately 2,600 acres was searched by teams made up of the 1,667 total registered volunteers. Your selfless generosity and continuing support have touched our hearts during an unbearably difficult time.

We especially wish to thank the Laura Recovery Center, which organized the three-day search for Morgan, augmenting law enforcement’s search and investigative efforts. More importantly, the Laura Recovery Center trained community members to continue ongoing search efforts. While no new information has yet been discovered, we have gained some peace in knowing much ground was – and will continue to be – covered during the search.

4 Responses to “Statement by Dan and Gil Harrington”

  1. Sharie says:

    my heart goes out to you, I just watched the Dr. Phil and dear God I am praying for you and your family….. I hope she comes home and I am praying that she does..

  2. melania says:

    I pray for the safe return of your daughter, I am shocked at the same time because is unthinkable that these things still happen today.
    I will keep praying we need faith.

  3. Jim McNabb says:

    Dan and Gil,

    Liz and I continue to pray for Morgan’s safe return every day. I remember her playing in the neighborhood when she was so little and I cannot imagine the pain you both feel with her missing.

    We were out of the state during the weekend search, but if there is another or any other organized event to help please let me know as we want to help, but aren’t sure how other than praying.

  4. Toni says:

    My family has Morgan and you her parents in our prayers. When I find a coin on the ground I pick it up look to the heavens and pray then my coin goes into my prayer jar. We put a christmas candle in our window which is the eternal light and it will not be turned off until Morgan returns home safe. Since Morgans favorite color is purple we made a two tone ribbon and pin to our uniforms in rememberance of miising children. I hope you will not take this in the wrong manner GOD gives people special gifts to help others Lorraine L is a renowned psycic and has solved cases and brought closure to families actually has helped the FBI. Just a thought. Again we have you in our prayers.

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