Dan is eagerly awaiting the arrival of the first students at VTC Medical School in August 2010. This class is the culmination of years of planning as well as construction. (Morgan worked with Dan in the summer 2009 as an intern in the admissions program and was excited to be part of this ambitious program to educate caregivers.)

Gil recently returned from a medical mission to Zambia, Africa with OMNI. The team of 16 treated almost 4000 patients in the deep bush during the 2-week trip. (Morgan had often helped pack medical and orphan supplies and planned on traveling to Zambia with OMNI after graduation.)

Alex is surviving in NYC and finding work as a stylist/assistant. (He says he feels pressure to succeed because he will be known as “Morgan Harrington’s brother” and wants to live up to that.)

Kirby, I must confess is just a wiggy little dog. Nice to the family, but inclined to nip outsiders. Obedience class dropout. ( Morgan was just crazy in love with this pup. Spoiled him terribly, and it shows.)


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