On May - 11 - 2010

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  1. I Love this picture of both of you . It just shows the true bond of Love between the two of you without being posed or planned . Just pure love between a mother & daughter as it should be !

    Blessings ,
    Frances Loper Corwin

  2. Chris says:

    Morgan, do you ever have one of those days everything makes sense and you have the best intentions, yet the next day you pray those you care are about are not hurt by the way you had to reach out in order to serve their needs. The police are unable to, that is a fact and they lack conviction to the purpose they constantly fail to follow through with. God love them but they have no idea how bad this is and the fact that they don’t actively assist others in the common purpose serves to protect the killer and this I simply cannot sit and watch. So I sometimes doubt people take me serious though I don’t understand why because am I not a intelligent person of faith and genuine concern?

  3. Chris says:

    Morgan as the of yesterday we now have a time-sensitive issue so as I work through the chains help them work back directly. I see now we are correct and we are in need of a SSA. Make them listen. See Bethesda…that may. I said enough But I post this FOR EYES SEE THE WORLD 241 YOU ONLY. It is a prayer…

  4. Chris says:

    Hey Morgan,I am still praying for you daily and our cause that includes justice. I am very hopeful in our Lord and his ability to help us when matters are out of our hands. With that said help me have strength to continue to focus on my classes, all I really want to do is devote my time to finding your murderer or murders. And after that finding the next and the next and after a time I will have “helped save the next girl” as your mother put it. I bet you have a very loving and sweet family and I want them to be able to grieve for you without wondering…241…Lord hear our prayer…


  5. Guillermo from Chili says:

    I remember her so much since that I see her in DISCOVERY CHANNEL…Really was and is a angel that never I forget. Thanks for answer my @mail.

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