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  1. Chris says:

    Oh St.Joseph whose protection is so great, so strong, so prompt before the throne of God, I place in you all my interest and desires. O St. Joseph, do assist me by your powerful intercession, and obtain for me from your Divine Son that, having engaged here below your heavenly power, I may offer my thanksgiving and homage to the most loving of Fathers. O St Joseph, I never grow tired of contemplating you, and Jesus asleep in your arms; I dare not approach while he reposes near your heart. Press him in my name and kiss his dear head for me and ask him to return the kiss when I draw my dying breath. Amen. O St. Joseph here my prayers and obtain my petitions. O St. Joseph pray for me.

    Morgan this morning four and five more to go but this time I wrote the prayer as it is and not my desires, petitions and need to see your family receive justice as that is obviously why I have been committed to praying it in that all our efforts will save the next girl and bring retribution.
    241 Morgan and help me pull of this chemistry test if you can at least if in doubt let me pick the correct bubble. I know the material but the mathematics is so simple it is something I make more complicated and get wrong!!! My prayers and thoughts are always near.

  2. Chris says:

    Morning five and thing seem to have taken a turn for the more prideful and secretive law enforcement. I said my pray spoke my suspects and interestingly I have not received an email back from the most significant link to the other two. The FBI and Virginia seem like they don’t have the time to talk to me about why I find his statements significant to your case.

    I will tell you one thing Morgan many people may fault me for being self righteous or pretentious but I am confident when I tell you this case like all others of horrific violence are solved by becoming close to the victim and not the offender. FBI focus is offender Virginia focus is on physical evidence that they hoard like a child with a rattle and have been so mislead that I am certain I don’t give a damn how they laugh at my constant persistence to try and explain why this suspect I saw online cant not be him. Then I realize it is just the way I write and it reflects my frustration at university and law enforcement cooperation.

    I think it took until now to make them consider the sketch that is not the likely offender here. 65% in VA, MD, and DC are white and Metallica is a primarily white band as far as audience. The most valuable thing that local law miss is abstract thought and that is in this context that 85% off serial offenders like these men who have little time left have some knowledge of the victim. He met you at that concert and he provided many details I and none knew but him but you were not on the bridge he said in a context the details that law enforcement try to dismiss but you cant this is significant and my area of expertise in written statements and I can tell you what I see is a clinical psychopath and here is why. They tend to use words related to some aspect of the crime in a normal context and be self assuring but this man met the wrong person and he realized that after it was to late.

    I was able to look beyond the evidence cause I have none except what I can deduce and it is the same thing he said but he has no more explanation for DNA was found at the location and on the shirt. Whats more I let him get locked into his deficient idea of manipulation of me and he detailed info about 2005 assault and how DNA was linked over the summer but told things about the victim and his location when and until you were found. This is a successful interview and it has and will show that 3 years with no eyewitness sightings of a 40-45 year old black male who in the intense part of the investigation returned a article of clothing to the scene of the crime a journey of one mile from abduction to 10 miles from where he made the largest mistake since 1998 and thinks I believe he is not a traveler is beyond stupid and the sketch is a reason he was able to do that. but why? I wonder why he brought it back so I could have something to advise the FBI with? NO he did it cause this offender is the worst and he is seeing the devastation your loss caused the community in 2010 and I see it now but in a very small amount of time now this is going to be true to the family he took you from because I understand him better than he does himself because the actions I make I do so confidently but now what was said is obviously accurate of great use but I have no reply and that shows me no desire to stand for VICAP. But either way I cant feel less than detectives who have as much knowledge of their own homicides as I do of indifference. I wanted only your parents to know I do everything to see Morgan Dana Harrington be the symbol of college safety for women and justice for these so called motiveless crimes. Hard to solve they say but it takes love of you not the ego driven detective. I love what a bad job everyone did and to my open eyes does but this is not the area to be lazy and follow up leads when you want but this is serious and they can explain to Lauren Spierer why the 20 yr old who was never found also has no justice and no hope unless I am right and they murdered her in 2011 and that is not even and FBI case? It needs to be but I guess its not my business they think unfortunately for me it is exactly my business and I do it to show you from earth I care for you and Lauren and my life’s work is to defend all women. You depend on men and I depend on my Father, and these cases depend on cooperation but I guess I have to except the fact that they feel above me. I am beneath you my dear Morgan. Seriously I am so proud of your art I showed it to someone in my math class who liked to draw and he had this look of defeat! I told him how much you created and how it has potential to inspire. He didn’t get the part about self sacrifice and I don’t care I do.

    I will always see you as my guiding light to put the wrong things in order, this summer changed my life you changed it going to see and showed me I to have a gift. Let them just listen and do what they are trained to do. I would have the answer if I had a credential but soon. I am sure Morgan not hypothesizing that was months ago I have no more to say with it but I loved to know I heard your request and helped at great personal costs so that makes us brothers in my heart I feel your friends should have protected you. What happened and why go outside to use the bathroom and get locked out it seems as if it is a lie. It certainly is a lawsuit. Sorry I am just upset at this and how it seems as opaque as a curtain to others but I feel great pain from yours and soon so will those responsible. Amen and God bless your parents who are thinking me insane but it true and rarely does FBI do it by themselves but they need to be more respectful of sharing information, anyway your parents it is not crazy this is silly 3 years and now my sanity and hope lies in the people paid to do a job they failed to so far and insult those few if any who do the things I do. have faith, Morgan I want to celebrate your life but I dont know much of it. I am done it just hurts to see what you should be and not a victim. But my friend.

    Chris See you some sunny day Mo

  3. Chris says:

    Morgan your parents are sweet people but the thing is they may misunderstand me. Justice is my life and the criminals for this are not a thing I take light Morgan so having said that I have respect for you and your loved ones no other has. I care deeply but that is no use if I don’t do everything to Save The Next Girl. The Virginia authorities are no measure of quality law enforcement and that is fact they need it.

    Morgan we still will get there because you worth more to God than the universe and to me but the police need to learn to listen and if not Save The Next Girl and quit if you had been on duty that night. I don’t know how they live with themselves.

    241 Morgan

  4. Chris says:

    Hey Morgan just to let you know I have been keeping up with my prayer to St.Joseph and last night I got to hang out with a good buddy from my laboratory. He is a good dude and it was fun relaxing for a change. I always feel so tense but keep guiding me through life when things get rough.
    God Bless Mo

  5. Chris says:

    Hey Morgan I was just reviewing some of my posts, I read the one about my Laboratory bench mate who has been aloof and not returned to class since he missed a laboratory which in chemistry is a immediate failure.

    I thank God no matter how tough the situations I am presented with in life are that I have the strength to continue. For this I thank you my guardian angel and friend, I know the results of my failures will cost others as well as myself.

    I do feel called by our Lord and you to serve the cause you gave your life for and there is a dream that was yours and it shall be realized. Just pray for me but above all pray for our cause.

    Save The Next Girl.. …. .241

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