On May - 11 - 2010

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  1. Chris says:

    I am listening to Archbishop Fulton Sheen where he explains how Angels exist and I just thought of you. I had also a chance to rerun a Chemistry laboratory but I already ran it once so I will just go to the lecture tonight. I am starting to loath mathematics but it is useful so since I need it for chemistry and your an angel get me through the tough exams. Thanks Mo241

  2. Chris says:

    Dear Morgan, my second day praying to St. Joseph for your cause has been completed. I want to tell you and also let you know I am thinking about you, God Bless you.


  3. Chris says:

    Man it upsets me that the blog was removed. I can blame those who have no compassion and making remarks that fill me with rage because this is not the Lords plan. Morgan you had a plan for save the next girl and it shall be realized because your an innocent girl who I know all that I am allowed to know about and it is not enough!

    I want to be as candid as possible and it is important your family believe me. I also see links are broken and would if permitted recreate this and secure it but I have not been able to imagine you family think I have your interests at heart, all the users of any negative comment here or anywhere are known by address to me because I will always moarn your loss and seek your killer till my death and I am closer because he is feeling the pressure of the law enforcement who dont seek out every lead and that’s typical but know this I see your family as worth my image, life, time and prayers as it has I am sure made me a POI by emailing my thoughts but I never hear from them say a prayer this last measure I take hits home cause it needs to Mo.

    241 and you are never forgotten, never.

  4. nicole says:

    I just want you to know that no matter the distance or time I am always on the lookout for that evil human being who took your daughters life. It makes me sick that there is such evil in the world but I hope that at least it could bring a sense of knowing that people like me who don’t even know her are thinking of her and you all. I pray too and know that God will always reign. Keeping your daughters beauty and memory alive is so powerful and shows the strength that your family does have and knowing your daughter is smiling seeing the beauty you have made to show that good does overpower evil. I hope this can bring a small peace to your family knowing that people not even from the state think of Morgan and know that we are all going to come together to one day find this evil person. Thank you for all your awareness because it has changed my life and knowledge as I’m sure it has saved others life.

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